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People need to remember that items with deadly amounts of radioactive materials get stolen from job sites every year in the USA, and the thieves are likely to be stupid enough to break open the containment vessel. Junk yards had to install detectors at the points were materials enter the yard because of this.

Kai Lowell

Jofur, that reminds me of an incident I read about involving a cobalt-60 (I think) source from a radiation therapy machine...lemme see if I can find it again after I'm done running errands today...


I've let authorities know of C***list free to person that will remove this X-Ray equipment listings, so they can check that the materials don't end up spread across a city. This is not an allowed item on that site either.


That's crazy, OP, but you did the right thing. As Jofur said, this IS something that happens. Radioactive materials disappear from locations all the time, and when dealing with radiation, it's better safe than sorry

Kai Lowell


There it is.

Kai Lowell

(Was cesium, not cobalt. I suspect I'm too used to hearing about machines with cobalt sources.)

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