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Victoriano O Hernandez

Dont't sweat it. I ran a hardware store for 9 years and people still amazed with the stuff they came with. My favorite is the "professionals" who ask for the most absurd things and get uppity that we don't carry an item that doesn't exits. An example is around the x-mas holidays and they request extension cords with two "male" ends. As much as I try to explain that it's dangerous, they assure that they bought here before and is code legal. I tell them they have to rehang all the lights again and then call me names and demand to speak to a manager, because I know nothing of electrical code like they do. At this store before you get hired, you must pass a 20 page test covering all aspects of electrical, plumbing, paint, and basic handyman troubleshooting. If you pass and get hired, you still get sent to the local community college to do a refresher on basic construction trade. By the time an employee leaves, they can pretty much be a professional handy man.

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