"I know its been a while. Its been crazy. Stupid bullshit mostly.
The above pic is a return.
Someone returned one cucumber and 4 single cherries.
And got their full money back on both.
Man I wish we would stop accepting these."

Okay that's just customer service madness. What's next a peach pit?

This incident reminds me of a time I was at Costco and saw a woman demand a refund for a cake she had purchased. The cashier asked her where the cake was. She looked at him like he'd just fallen out of a spaceship and then said, "WE ATE IT! It was horrible and I want my money back." He gave her the refund. Bitch got herself a free cake. Costco's bakery pretty much rocks, I can't imagine a cake from their being "horrible." Which makes me think she was scamming.