Retail Hell Underground Book: Read Thousands of Stories From over a Decade of Retail Hell



Although Retail Hell Underground is no longer posting new stories and pics, RHU has now become an amazing anthology of 7,000 pages of funny stories and pics spanning the course of 11 years. From Dumbass Custys to Entitled Bitches, there are over 30,000 humorous tales of retail and customer service life to get lost in. And RHU is home to thousands of funny pics to make you LOL. 

The Retail Hell Underground Book is free and anyone is welcome to read the stories and view the pics here on the RHU blog roll. It will not be published elsewhere.  This is where it all went down in cyberspace and RHU Book is right here at your fingertips to feed you one monstrous customer tale after another. 

Because there are 7,000 pages to this book we have created several ways for it to be read:

From the Beginning

By Year

By Theme


From The End

You can read Retail Hell Underground Book any way you wish. Below are the options.

Please note: The blog is 11 years old and was created with old technology and photoshopping. It has since been updated to a "responsive" layout which makes it smoother to read on devices like tablets and phones. However, some of the old posts look wonky with text and photos and will look differently. This is because of the conversion. Also in the first 4-5 years their may be posts where pics don't work because of coding or videos have been taken down from YouTube (they have purged sooooo much in the last few years).

We hope you enjoy your stay on RHU!



To Begin from RHU's first day in 2007

Warning - the first few years of RHU are very crude with lots of foul language from myself and members and lots of bad , but hopefully funny photoshop hell. And remember this is when blogs were first starting. The technology was different and everyone was exploring this new social world.

To start from RHU's very beginning, use the BANNER below. It's the very first banner I made for RHU. It was October, we were in a friends back yard, and the background was from a halloween store titled "Freddy's Boiler Room" from the Nightmare movies. A perfect backdrop! We searched everywhere for the perfect skull masks. We wanted them not too scary, and we felt these had great comical faces at times. When Carolanne put on her blond hair it was magical....






To read RHU Book by year, use the banner or date:

























































For RHU selections on its "Heydays" of 2009-2013:



RHU Heydays   2009-2013


Skullies 3


To read RHU by themed subject matter, there are over 400 themes to choose from:


 RHU Themes



And if you want to Begin from where RHU left off?

Just keep scrolling! For the last month of October 2018, most of RHU was retrospective posts. To start from it's last daily post of mostly new Reddit stories and pics go here.


Whether you are discovering RHU blog for the first time or visiting after being away for a long time, we hope you have fun enjoying Retail Hell Underground The Book. It was built by hundreds of retail workers looking to blow off steam and laugh about the craziness of their customer service hell jobs. What they leave behind is a gift.

Retail Hell Underground Book will always remain at its online home, and be available to anyone who wants to see it...

So long as they aren't a Crusty.

No Crustys allowed!












Retail Hell Underground RHU Comment Thread For Stories and Messages


Even though RHU has closed to new submissions we will keep comments open on this post for at least a year. Feel free to say hello if you are new and just discovered Retail Hell Underground or maybe you were here years ago and didn't know it ended. Share a short Retail Hell tale or greeting if you wish.



Retail Hell Underground stories and pics documenting the plight and humor of service workers will always be here for anyone to explore and enjoy.












Thanks For all the Retail Hell Fun RHU!



 Wow, RHU, I can't believe it's finally here! I'm going to miss you all so much. I don't want to stop posting but I know I have to. The time has come for Retail Hell Underground blog to slow its roll to a stop. My fellow skullies, Jason and Carolanne are heading off into our retirements! What are our plans? I'm going to reread the Harry Potter Series and then watch the movies, Carolanne is settling in to binge watch all of Netflix's 700 shows, and Jason, well, Jason will probably find a store to haunt so he can terrorize its monstrous custys. 

Even though RHU blogroll had come to an end, we hope that what we are leaving behind will continue to entertain, inform, and inspire anyone who wants to read.

I want to bow my skull head to all of you readers, with heartfelt thanks for being a part of the Underground. Whether you were submitting stories, reading, or commenting, you are what made RHU what it is. I could not have done it without you. SKULLIES2

A big thank you and standing skully ovation to Ilia for her many years of dedication, creativity and passion. I know many of you are fans of her humor as am I. She killed it when it came to titling pictures. Ilia also is a gifted writer and has an amazing anthology of stories here on RHU. If you have not checked them out, I suggest you do. You can read them here.  

Carolanne, Jason, and I have been proud to accompany all of your Retail Hell stories. They send their love and best to everyone to avoid any kind of future work hell. 

Thank you to Techtyger, Misty, Kai, Tenebris, McHell's Manager, BH, Jofur, and all of you other commenters who have stayed with RHU in these last months; your dedication, passion, and voices kept us going. 

Thanks RHU! You rock Retail Balls! It's been so fun and amazing, the end of a Retail Hell era! Going to miss this and you all so much.

Wishing everyone of RHU happiness, peace and the best lives ever with whatever you do,

May all your custys be nice and your life free from Retail Hell!

Cheers and much love,






Soon I will put up the final post which will be a wiki-style version of what Retail Hell Underground is for anyone new discovering the blog in the future and wondering what it is. 

If you are on Instagram, follow RHU! I'll be continuing with retail hell pics there. And also Retail Hell Carts.

Techtyger has created a Discord group called RHUfugees. If you are interested, here's the contact email: [email protected]. You will need to Join Discord.

For inquiries send email to [email protected]

If you need your Retail Hell story fix, head on over to Reddit's Tales From Retail 






Ilia's Heartfelt Goodbye


Skullies smileFrom Ilia

In August of 2011, I joined the team as a blogger, eager to assist with getting stories posted in a timely manner and bringing RHU to full production. Although it was a volunteer job, it was also a dream job. Aside from the stories I shared, I also helped format and prepare submitted stories to go live on the site. Reading the stories of others, preparing them for publishing, and sharing them has been amazing and fulfilling. For seven years, I made RHU a labor of love.

Through ups and downs, laughter and tears, frustration and triumph, I brought my dedication to RHU and helped make it an active and productive community. Hearing from all of you and sharing in your lives has helped me through my own retail traumas.

I will miss everything Retail Hell Underground had to offer, and will look back upon all my years with you with fondness. Forgive me if I get mushy here, but as my last post ever on RHU, I think I'm allowed. :)

Everyone: thank you. Thank you for being part of my life, tangentially or otherwise. Take care of yourselves, RHUers. Remember the Three D's of Retail Hell, and don't forget that fellow retail slaves are out there.

--Ilia, signing off







When Bad Custys Act Up in This Hosiery Dept...


 This was one of the first reader photos to grace the Underground, sent in by Leyla in 2008.

Checkout more funny signage here.

 Retail Hell Underground continues on Instagram, I will be posting many archive RHU photos as well as new Retail Hell I may encounter.









A Final Toast From Misty Meanor



Misty Meanor here.

With Retail Hell Underground coming to an end, I figured it was time to raise my glass of soda one last time and sound off one last time.
I had a brief job working at a party store, and all I can say is that when Halloween comes around, so do the piggy crusties! People, please pick up after yourselves!
I'm hoping to find a new job again soon.  Where that is, only Thrognar knows!
All I can say is that as long as Mr. Lazy, Puddles, Grouchy Granny, and all the other crusties I've hated stay away from me, that's all that matters to me!
With this being my final message, I bid you all the best in the world and then some.  I wish your custies to always be however you desire them to be! I've enjoyed reading your stories and I hope you continue to do your best to battle the crusties!
*raises her glass of soda in a toast*

Here's to Thrognar protecting us retail slaves! Signing off for the last time!
--Misty Meanor