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Underground_photo_shoot2_0081Okay, I've seen all the news coverage of the Black Friday 4am Psycho Shoppers lined up and then stampeding through the fucking doors and I feel really really bad for all the Retail Slaves that had to get up so fucking early and be at their stores and deal with crazy bargain shoppers the day after a holiday, but can I just say how MUCH I fucking hate Black Friday from my perspective at a Big Fancy Department Store in Designer Clothing? It's total fucking bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. No, I didn't have to be at my store at 3 AM - I had to be there at 6 because we opened our fucking doors at 7AM. There were like 10 people in line. So I stood there in my department bored as hell, shaking from too much goddamn coffee and my thumb up my ass. We didn't have shit on sale. No Designer Doorbusters in my department! Just the fucked-up Christmas music playing over and over and the air conditioning freezing my ass off. The only customers I had were bitches returning everything (including the shit they wore on Thanksgiving Day) , a bunch of fraudulent Nasty Ass Thieves returning and trying to buy shit with bad checks, crazy ass motherfuckers on the phone, a shitload of Lookiloos asking me to find sizes for them and then telling me they just wanted to try it on. Nobody bought shit. I went home negative for the day. I'm on commission and for those of us on commission, Black Friday was complete fucking Retail Hell! I wonder if all those Slaves that work at Discount Stores and Electronic Stores were being paid overtime or commissions for all the hell they went through at 4 AM? I seriously fucking doubt it. You just know those Discount and Electronic Stores raked in the cash and their Slaves got paid shit. This is why I think Black Friday is Bullshit. The only people that lose are us Retail Sluts and Whores.Total fucking BULL-SHIT! Fuck Black Friday! Glad its over!!!!!!!!!


designer bitch


Ugly Duckling

If I was a monkey....I would throw my POO -POO at all of these early ASSHOLES!

retail slut

God i love you Carolanne..hahahaa could you call me and bitch to me everyday:) soooo fucking true!

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