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Carolanne's Bitch Department: Black Friday Bullshit

Retail Hell Zone(RHZ): Bloody Monday

Rhu33Okay, they are now calling today Cyber Monday. Something to do with internet sales. Whatever. At Retail Hell Underground, we have decided to name it Bloody Monday. This would be because we Slaves are bloody EXHAUSTED! Hopefully many of us will have today off. Another reason for the Bloody title has to do with the truth of what really happens on Mondays after a long sale/holiday/busy/ buying weekend...CLICK HERE.


retail bitch

Love it! can it be bloody monday-sunday? working in hell we need it:)


Fucking returns suck. And at Kohl's we gave out "Kohl's Cash"... for every $50 bucks they spent they got $10 in Kohl's Cash.

It's astounding how many morons can't comprehend that if they spend $100 and return $80 of it, that they don't get to keep the free money any more. If you give us back 80, you only spent 20, and we're not as fucking stupid as you are and we're not gonna let you get away with it no matter how much you bitch and no matter how many managers you wanna talk to.

If you buy the shit, keep the shit. We don't want it any more. But if you insist on bringing your shit back, then go and put it where it belongs. We have enough to do during the day without having to deal with buyers' remorse items.

Christmas fuckinjg sucks.

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