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A Different Kind of "Song"


The Christmas Song

The Zombie Song

Braincells roasting, it’s a total drain

Sore feet keeping me in pain

Bloodshot eyes stinging with tears

I must have aged at least ten years

Everybody knows long hours and lack of sleep

I want to find a high ledge and take a leap

Pushy customers who all want to fight

Will not find what they came for tonight

They know The Store is out of every thing

It’s Christmas Eve, the place is like a boxing ring

And every one of them, is gonna bitch and whine

To see how long before I really breakdown and cry

And so I’ve decided to completely zone myself out

Even thought they will all just scream and shout

But I could give two shits,

I think I’m coming down with flu

I’m a Retail Zombie, Yes, I’m a Retail Zombie,

And Christmas, it’s all because of …you…


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