Fitting Room Door Sign
Ration Reality's Fitting Room Door Sign

Fitting Room Slug Monster


This is a Fitting Room Slug Monster. The female version is pictured, but there are also males just as dangerous. We have reason to believe that one was responsible for leaving a dragon-sized snot ball on a fitting room wall and ultimately horrifying Retail Slave Fatima (posted February 16th). If a Fitting Room Slug Monster slithers into your department, the only appropriate action is to run for your fucking life. In order to make a quick escape, any lie will do: I have to go to the bathroom. I'm suddenly sick. I have to go on my break. My child needs to be picked up. My pet needs to go to the vet. Whatever. Just get the Retail Hell out of there. If you don't, the Fitting Room Slug Monster will slime its way into a fitting room and leave a path of destruction....CLICK HERE.




I hate snot.

LA Retail Slut

I got slimed by the bitch yesterday...they leave an awful mess behind! Does anyone have Fitting Room Slug Monster poison?

Miserable Retail Slave

she came in my store today. i ran

SF Whore

OMFG...fitting room scary...

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