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C.C.'s Fitting Room Rant and Staci's Sign Solution


Retail Slave, C.C. from Tennesse needs to let loose:

"Well, I've been reading about all the fitting room stories and I was thinking about all the horrible things that have happened to me..

One time while I was working the fitting room area I found a DIRTY DIAPER on the floor in one of the rooms.


Then, there was the time when I let a lady and her little boy into one of the rooms not to try on clothes but so she could spank her kid. Uh, what is wrong with people??

I just LOVE when people have 20 items to try on but either buy 1 thing or nothing at all. They act like it's not a big deal "Oooh, I have 20 things..lalalalalala."

AND, I can't forget the 2 girls that decided to have the fitting room fashion show.. Honestly do people have NOTHING better to do but come into my store and give me hell? I've been yelled at, had clothes thrown at me, and been called a 10 year old. What more could a girl ask for?"

Well, C.C. we think you should start with the Retail Hell Tazer so you can shock the shit out of their spoiled asses and make them take back everything they said.

Another of our Myspace Retail Slave friend's, Staci, has a few of her own Fitting Room Door signs to compliment C.C.'s rant. Direct. To the point. We suggest them for fitting room doors everywhere!

FittingroomlogoThe fitting room is not a trash can!!!

Please rehang and put close on the rack provided!!!

I am 7 months pregnant and I can bend over and pick up your shit, why can't you?!!

No sex in the fitting rooms!!!

It's a fitting room not a changing table, take your kid to the bathroom and throw away the dipper!!!

This is a fitting room not a place to eat your lunch!

From Staci at Sears in Barboursville WV.
I love your page it makes me feel better after a long day's work!!!

Thanks Staci, we love you for loving our page. Your signs should be posted all over the walls of fitting rooms everywhere!