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Lauren's Message To Customers and Their Unruly Kids



The other day I had a customer whose kid torn off like 50 price tags because he said it was fun! Little bastard.


OH I know. I fucking hate kids sometimes... Ok... all the time. LOL.


Kids should be banned from stores.
Or parents should fucking learn how to raise them to behave in public. Little behemoths.


I work in the men's department in a store that is being remodeled. The kids fitting room was closed for a month and all the brats used our fitting rooms. I was ready to strangle the little fuckers. I kept sending in the creepy penophiles and hoping the stupid lazy fucking parents would get a clue and take their precious little brats to a women's fitting room and not into men's! Now the brains in corporate decided to add TVS and chairs into a fitting room seating area. Now we are promoting babysitting..I keep trying to get LOGO (the gay cable channel) on the TV so the parents can spend the next few days explaning things to them!

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