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Retail Slave Escapes From Wal-Mart

BallsawardaaaWe've been giving out Retail Balls Awards to Slaves who have told customers, but it also takes balls to up and quit your Retail Hell job. Former Wal-Mart Retail Slave Michelle in New Jersey sent us this message:

"UMM [[clears throat]] May I announce that I finally got the balls to QUIT! Haha! And the muthafuckers are crying for me back!!! Psssh! Nevaaaaa! You can keep all the BS and customer attitudes...well....Thanks for pure HELL (of course) that added up to 2 years 4 months and 15 days....urgh."

Urgh indeed! It does take balls to quit when you've had enough. Congrats Michelle! We wish you greener pastures and a Retail Hell-Free future. Godzilla is happy for you too:




Woohoo! Isn't it exciting quitting? :D I woldn't know :|



Being a HUGE "GoDzILLa" FAN, I might Copy this POST.....Blow this GODZIlLA IMAGE up to POSTER SIZE....GET NAKED.....and STOMP through my LEGO PLAYSET BUILDINGS while making OBSCENE REPTILE NOISES and SHOotING JALAPENO FLAMES out of my BURRITO ASS!!!!!


Congrats girl! Good for you! I want Godzilla to rip up my store!


I gave my 2 weeks on black friday last year and my manager was on my balls trying to make me stay. Out of the whole staff i was there the longest out of the staff and was getting paid the less " with is unfair" that new people was making more then me so i told my manager i got a job at this other store for a dollar more and less then 5 minutes he gave me what i wanted a nice big raise and more hours with was nice so i am still there

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