Kerry's Fitting Room Nightmare Part 6
Retail Slave Escapes From Wal-Mart



Oh, I've been enjoying this site for a few weeks. this video is also fucking awesome cause Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac) directed it.


O my lol. He scares me lmao. And that's hard to do considering I have SATAN in me. Bwahahaha.
I love the punching the old lady hahahahaha. And the head banging.

Retail Therapy

LOL, excellent!


These images will play through my head...
I liked the matrix kick the most(:


my favorite is the baby through the guy. And the puppets out of nowhere. Seeing random puppets at work would be a relief sometimes.


This guy and the band rock! Awesome video!


lmao i got that cd the day it came out xD their old shit is soooo much better though.

and i'm not sure if you guys know who jhonen vasquez is(creator of johnny the homocidal maniac, invader zim, squee, etc), but apparently he directed this.

Cherry Carnivore



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