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Costco Secret Informant CSI: Shopping Cart Retail Hell Pet Peeves

Shopping Cart Retail Hell Mystery


This photo was sent to us by our Costco Retail Slave informant who we will be calling CSI - Costco Secret Informant. CSI will be posting all kind of Retail Hell found at your nearest Costco.

Here CSI noticed a shopping cart was mysteriously lifted onto a flatbed cart. WTF? Who would do this and why? Those things weigh a ton.

We have two theories: Pissed off WWE wrestler or Aliens.

RHU has a call into Scully and Mulder. This is a total X-File. The truth is out there and we want to know it, so the poor Costco Slave that had to remove this cart can go hunt down the culprit and kick their ass.

Come back and visit us tomorrow for a full report from CSI about Shopping Cart Retail Hell. Until then, keep an eye on those carts everybody.


Dr. John

This is one weird blog. I hope you solve the mystery.

HULK HOGAN....sexually frustrated wrestler

I admit it. I DID IT! But when you catch your wife SCREWING AROUND with a 3'tall Midget-Transvestite, a GARDEN HOSE going up her hoochie-coochie while running up the WATER BILL ,you would be PISSED TOO!

All that time "working out" in the gym wearing Yellow Tight Spandex...taking my vitamins ( AKA: STEROIDS )while saying my HULKSTER PRAYERS at night(AKA: doing BLOND BIMBO BOY Groupies!).....GAVE ME THE HERSHEY SQIRTS (AKA:SHITS)....And DIVORCE PAPERS!!!!!!!!!


Hulk you nasty boy.

I can't believe anyone would go to such trouble, but I did hear a horror story of some college kids who thought it would be funny to run a cart up a flag pole outside of a Ralphs. The next morning the Retail Slave when to hoist the flag and the cart fell on her and injured her pretty bad. People can be such assholes.

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