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Jacked Up Wal-Mart Cart Return


Retail Slut Slave Ashely from Illinois sent us this Jacked up Cart Return pic. Ashely admits to having bad thoughts about stupid-ass Customers she has to deal with, but said she wouldn't stalk or shoot them for reals, only in the comfort of her imagination.

Missing Mates = Shoe Retail Hell


Retail Whore Mimi in San Diego shares with us her hellacious shoe disaster:

So, I work at everyone's favorite place to dress for less as a professional blame taker, more specifically as an area supervisor. Being the youngest manager and being a bit 'alternative' in attitude and appearance I'm well liked and respected by my employees and most of the other managers. I don't raise my voice except to small unruly children and customers. Until Sunday... When I finally broke....

So its 2 days before inventory and I've been given the honor of sizing, ticketing and matching up womens shoes.

Simple enough right? I'm a manager this should be childs play.

I decide to attack the toughest issue, matching up the shoes that have lost their mate. I didn't realize how bad it was....

And these are just from my size 6 thru 8. NONE of them have a mate.

Needless to say I snapped, lost my mind and scared the living hell out of the rest of my Coworkers.

So now I add another question towards my ever fading faith in humanity... How fucking hard is it to put a shoe back next to its mate?


Okay, this picture just makes us want to do this...CLICK HERE.