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Kerry's Post Black Friday Revenge

For Kerry, the day after Black Friday went down like a category 5 Piggy Hurricane:

Piggy Shoppers tore through her department leaving Retail Hell everywhere.

And during it all Kerry cleaned up after them, feeling a cold coming on as her body ached, her throat became scratchy, and her head felt fuzzy and pressurized. 

So she gave all those Piggy Shoppers extra special, up close and personal Customer Service.
A subtle thank you for messing up her department.

Lesson: Never fuck with a Retail Slut on the verge of becoming sick.

Black Friday Scheduling

RetailSlutDiary-004aza November 28

So we have made it thru yet another Black Friday!!

I have only one question for you guys!

What kind of fucking mental midget schedules one person to close?

I have the answer for you..

My DOUCHE BAG manager who hates my guts!

She has 3 cashiers and one fitting room attendant work today that I understand...

Couldn't one of them come in a little later and stayed until at least 10?

So it was left to me to ring out customers check fitting rooms and recover the floor.


Wal-Mart Black Friday Tragedy

Walmart-003ac No doubt you've all heard the news -  34 year-old Jdimytai Damour of Queens, lost his life at a Wal-Mart Store in Long Island, NY because people turned into greedy, barbaric, savages (Click here for link to story).

It's disgusting and sad, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of the victim, as well as the other people injured, including a pregnant woman.

The store was immediately closed and some reports were saying customers were angry because they'd spent the night in line waiting for their bargains and they didn't feel the store should be closed. What is wrong with these fucking people? Are these the same people that did the trampling?

We are deeply disturbed by this tragedy. There's little hope of prosecuting anyone, but the police haven't ruled it out.

A life was lost and lives will be ruined all because of a fucking discount.


Update: There seems to be a lot of rumors about the pregnant woman's baby not surviving. The AP is reporting from a police Sgt. that they are both OK.

Black Friday Contemplation

From the Retail Slave who exposes JC Penney's hell in Diary of a Fed Up Retail Slut.

Retail Slut

Hiding under a rack. One tired Retail Slave.


If I wrap the legs of these pants around my neck, will it all go away?

Bullshit Black Friday!!.....If you see that a Penney's associate went fucking nuts and slammed a customers head in a fitting room door in Ohio......
And what crazy mother fucker wants to stand in line ALL NIGHT to get some stupid sale item?
Don't they have computers? Cant they order it on line?
Cyber Monday is coming...