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Tourette's Guy at the Grocery Store

We found this on YouTube and couldn't resist sharing it. No idea where Tourettes Guy came from and there are other videos of him. We believe his name is Danny and he may have passed away. If you know his story leave a comment! He's fucking hilarious.


Ryan Zyskowski

Tourettes guy is fabulous, he has his own website which features many videos, my favorite of which is him awaking to find a giant over-sized blue M&M candy which he promtly yells at.
Frequently Tourettes is drunk, which only exacirbates his condition (read: add to the hilarity) and one of his most common tics is that he screams "BOB SAGET".

Tourettesguy.com is his site, and he has many youtube videos, as well as a myspace page. Tourettes Guy wants you to enjoy him as much as he enjoys himself!


Thanks Ryan!



LIbrary Diva

I'm glad to read these comments. I have watched this clip maybe ten times and practically peed my pants laughing each time, all the while concerned that I was going straight to hell for my actions. Maybe I still am but at least I'll have company!

Retail Therapy

This guys hilarious! But his sites not there anymore.:(

philippine grocery

Oh! I wish I don't also that kind of experience when having a grocery. I am totally scared in crazy people. Well, all I can say to the staff of the grocery they must have a long patient. Thanks for sharing this video.



"We'll put the marshmallows back" "NOOOO!"

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