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Csilogo2So you may be wondering where has CSI been?

Much can be told of that but let me start with saying that I got injured by an out of control shopping cart and the holidays were hell!!

At least I got a few days off! 

At some point I was working 9 days in a row and Christmas was my first day off. I slept all day oh and I got sick!

Because of my injury, the doctor had me on sitting job only and that was hell!

They had me making member service calls... "Hi, is "dumb member" there? Oh hi ! I am calling from Costco Wholesale...I noticed you came to our membership desk on "date you returned 10 year old vacuum claiming it quit working" I just wanted to make sure everything worked out for you and you had no problems...oh that's great and thanks for coming in!!"

After one week I begged the doctor to let me get out from behind the counter!
Also, something new to add to my Costco world tour, back in late October 2008 I was sent to morning shifts. You may ask what is that? Oh that's when you work at 4:30am! You read that right...AM! Some days I worked at 4am! More stories of that to come.Clem
I will leave you with this..something that happened today at work. 
A woman is standing in front of the clementines looking puzzled and she calls me over...
Stupid woman: So where are your clementines? These are not clementines, these are oranges! *All boxes and bags of product state clementines as well as price sign*
Me: These are our clementines ma'am, they are just two different brands. The only oranges we have are in that black box over there. 
Stupid woman: No, these are not clementines. I want tangerines and those are two different things!!
Me: * Did she just say tangerines?* I am sorry but these are the only clementines we have. They are just two different brands but we consider them the same thing. They have them same item number and are the same price.
Stupid woman: *while staring at the boxes* Ok, what brand are these?!?!?!
Me: *Please, kill me now*
At least produce is welcoming me back with open arms! haha




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