Costco Secret Informant: Maggots Anyone?
Dollar General Retail Hell Revenge

Another Use For Endcap Fixtures

Hellpics 055
Nice. Dad is texting while his Children of the Retail Corn run amok.
Hellpics 057
Of course, confining them to cages is not such a bad idea. Oh, and note how empty the cage is. This would be because there were at least a hundred balls scattered all over the store.



We had a Code Yellow at work, and we found the jr piggy in the ball cage...

And yes the balls are around the ENTIRE FUCKING STORE. By the end of the night it is full again...



Kids deserve to be in fucking cages while their parents shop. Scratch that...because WE would have to watch them probably...


The worse part is, if the little snot runs off and gets hurt, WE get yelled at for not watching THEIR fucking kids! Hey fucktard, it's our job to sell you this you probably don't need, not watch your little fucking rug rat!

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