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Frozen Yogurt Shop Hell

From Alycia, a Frozen Yogurt Shop Retail Slave:

Stupid dumb ass customers.

Here's a story that happened to me the other day. I work at a frozen yogurt shop and some customer and her friend ordered yogurt with some raspberries and blueberries. So I made the damn thing as usual, gave it to them, and they went on their merry fuckin way.

Then, like 8 hours later, when we were about to close, she comes back in with her empty yogurt cup, throws it (yes, I mean throws it!) in my face, and started screaming "We both ordered the same thing and you gave my friend 6 raspberries and I got 5!!! I was upset about this ALL DAY!! I demand a refund!!!!"

My boss was there so unfortunately I had to contain myself from jumping over the counter and punching her in the face, as I made another one, with a total of SIX raspberries. WTF people?! Will you just eat your damn yogurt and shut up!!? Never once have I gone into any store and complained like that, even if I actually had a right to complain, unlike this bitch! These people put humanity to shame.

And being upset and crying over 1 raspberry ALL day?? Come on, seriously get a life!


I just look around.

Today; I had some couple who couldn't eat there food unless they had there six little dip cups.

I mean; seriously they would wait for the driver to come back and what's worst is that they were timing it!

I wouldn't have given them there refund, that's asault. That bitch flying it in you're face.

I hope you spit in it or two shots of dish soap works wonders.


Would have handed her ONE raspberry,and said "I'm sooo sorry about your bad day, hope this makes up for it..." then scratch my nose with my middle finger...


you want a raspberry? well here's a raspberry *ptththt!!!* Cheap ass punks just wanted a free dish!


WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW a fucking raspberry? What a stuck up cunt. I would've hurled myself over that counter and choked the dirty shit out of her skank ass.


Wow, that's absolutely insane. If she gets that upset over one measly raspberry, I can't imagine how this psycho deals with everyday life!

Also how creepy is that for the friend that she COUNTED how many raspberries were in hers!

Goseph Gerbils

"Ma'am, we're only supposed to give you five raspberries. Please don't tell my manager I accidentally gave someone six. They take any excess out of our paycheck if they find out."

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