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Bullshit Retail Propaganda


We have an open door policy.

And how many times have we all heard this bullshit line!

It's yet another vomitty phrase the powers that be love to shove down our throats as they try to brainwash us into believing they really care about what we have to say.

"We have an open door policy," is supposed to mean that The Store Executive Slave Drivers are open to our ideas and suggestions...

...but the retail reality?

Behind that door is a brick wall that will give you a head injury.

If you have any Bullshit Retail Propaganda let us know about it and we'll post it.

Dollar General Retail Hell Revenge


Bellow is a Dollar General Drive-thru created by a woman who obviously wanted to shop from the comforts of her car, but the door just wasn't big enough.

Pics found by DGSUCKS who lives Dollar General Hell every day.

Another Use For Endcap Fixtures

Hellpics 055
Nice. Dad is texting while his Children of the Retail Corn run amok.
Hellpics 057
Of course, confining them to cages is not such a bad idea. Oh, and note how empty the cage is. This would be because there were at least a hundred balls scattered all over the store.

Costco Secret Informant: Maggots Anyone?

It's a good thing CSI was working yesterday or someone may have ended up with meatballs and maggots in their spaghetti. The plastic wrap stayed in tact after the jar broke. Some how the little bugs found their way in. Too bad they couldn't have been the sprinkles on the frozen yogurt Alycia was forced to serve up below.

Frozen Yogurt Shop Hell

From Alycia, a Frozen Yogurt Shop Retail Slave:

Stupid dumb ass customers.

Here's a story that happened to me the other day. I work at a frozen yogurt shop and some customer and her friend ordered yogurt with some raspberries and blueberries. So I made the damn thing as usual, gave it to them, and they went on their merry fuckin way.

Then, like 8 hours later, when we were about to close, she comes back in with her empty yogurt cup, throws it (yes, I mean throws it!) in my face, and started screaming "We both ordered the same thing and you gave my friend 6 raspberries and I got 5!!! I was upset about this ALL DAY!! I demand a refund!!!!"

My boss was there so unfortunately I had to contain myself from jumping over the counter and punching her in the face, as I made another one, with a total of SIX raspberries. WTF people?! Will you just eat your damn yogurt and shut up!!? Never once have I gone into any store and complained like that, even if I actually had a right to complain, unlike this bitch! These people put humanity to shame.

And being upset and crying over 1 raspberry ALL day?? Come on, seriously get a life!