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The Customer is Always Right!

If we were doing a top ten list of all time Bullshit Retail Propaganda, this one would probably be number one!

Because of it's historical saturation into our retail culture, troublesome Custys love to shove this line down our throats when they aren't getting their shenanigan way.

They sarcastically spew, "but I am the customer! The customer is always right!"

XXXX -incorrect answer! You lose! Got to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass Go and collect $200.

These Custy Righters are anything but right, they are usually mean, stupid, ignorant, fire-breathing ego monsters from the bowels of hell with horns sticking out of their head, laser-killing eyes, razor sharp fangs and black fingernails covered in blood reaching out to suck the fucking life right out of you. Total Retail Hell horror movie.Jason2 078a

"The Customer is always right" = "Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are real," "Big Foot is alive and well and living in the Hollywood Hills," and "Paris Hilton is an artist."

We think an update is in order - something like: "The customer is always a dumb-ass," or "The customer is always a fucking bitch (or asshole)" or maybe "The customer is always a dirty, lying douchebaguette."

If you need to shake off that "Customer is always right" retail bullshit propaganda, we suggest checking one of our favorite blogs you've seen here on our sidebar - (The Customer) Is Not Always Right! These service industry stories validate the truth:

More often than not, custys are wrong!

Wrong as ass.



Yeah....The sacred customer CRUCIFIX (CROSS)! We all keep behind our counters!

To send those "Ass-Munching" retail evil spirits back to HELL!

...and this HELL is a Hell of a lot lower than our own "RETAIL HELL"!

SPF 6,666,666,666,666.... Anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just look around.

Here's the Orgin of it all.

Are they ever right?



I despise that phrase. Ick


OH GOD, LEONARD'S! That one (in the first photo) appears to be a Stew Leonard's, but in my town there's a Tom Leonard's. HOMG THE PLACE IS CREEPY. There's this animatronic show every 5 minutes (a la Chuck E. Cheese) of a cat(?) and dog(?) singing country songs. Scared the shit out of me.

They have the best potato chips, though.

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