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Most Awesome Cash Register Ever

From a bar in San Francisco called Tornado. Will it looks cool, it might suck to operate. There doesn't appear to be a scan gun or computer screen. However every cash register should most definitely have a "Kiss My Fat Ass," sticker!



Are you kidding? No Bar code or Scanner? How many drinks have you ever had which came with a bar code? This is the EASIEST register to work. YOu take money, hit the numbers, put the money in the register, and keep the change....oh ok, maybe give that to the customer....

The Kiss My Fat Ass sticker should be on every register where the custy can see it!


The "Tip You Bastards" sticker is pretty cool too.

Green Boy

I like how the money is on the OUTSIDE of the register! LOL!


Those registers are even more ghetto than the ones at my work - and those have been there since the FIRST Bush administration.


Awesome. Looks like something a Zumies would have hehe. All stickered and shit. Sweet.

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