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Shopping Carts Breaking The Law

Piggy Customer Attack

This Piggy Shopper attack was captured by B who rants:

"Today I was working around the cosmetics area and I happened upon this. For some damn reason our customers think it is perfectly fine to spread nail polish on the base shelf and the plastic labels....'OH HAY I'LL JUST SEE WHAT COLOR IT IS EVEN THOUGH I CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH THE FUCKING CONTAINER. LET ME JUST USE THIS SHELF TO SEE WHAT COLOR IT WILL BE.' I wanted to punch people in the face for this....just unbelievable..."

We would like to find the Piggy Shopper who did this and test every nail polish color on her fucking face!



Prolly some wild, unattended child of the retail corn. I hate when I see a nail polish or fabric paint display that is completly encrusted with wasted product. If I catch someone doing that I tell them they have to pay for it or I'll call the police for destroying private property (the display).
Whats worse is some places have little test papers for colored markers/pens and people STILL write all over the freaking display.
They should just make the displays pre-spattered with the product...or OR even better, attach a 20 volt shock sensor to every cap that's only removed after purchace.
"ooh fluffy pink! I'll test it out!" *zzerrerzzttt!*


To be fair, even tho you can see the color through the bottle, most times the color you see is not the color it dries as. That doesn't justify painting all over the shelf.. if anything they should ask if they can sample one coat on their own nail.


Yanno what I think is way more fun than messing up the displays? Messing up the people's faces that think it's funny messing up the displays.

And try not to cry, maybe one day you'll have a sex tape of your very own.



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