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Dumbass Customer Encounter

Dumbass Customer Encounter


Hi, Jit again. I've sent in a couple other stories, but this one just won for the month, not because of stupidity, but for the hilarity of the situation.

I was ringing up a lady of about thirty at the registers and the transaction went without a hitch. *LE GASP!* The lady's mother was next in line. I greet her and the first thing she does is slap her arm down on the conveyor belt and declare, "These items are separate!"

I tell her "okay" and ring up the items that are on the first order. "That'll be *some dollars*."

She says, "This order is separate."

Okay? "Yes, ma'am, I remember. Your total for THIS order is *some dollars*."

"This is a separate order!!" 

At this point, the lady's daughter has walked off and is talking to another cashier she knows out of earshot. I tell her very calmly, "Ma'am, yes, I realize that this is separate."

"Oh, okay." She hands me the money and I complete the transaction.

Then, before I can get a hold on her items for the second transaction, she declares AGAIN -


At this point, I'd really rather be shot in the head. "Okay."Throughout the entire order, she tells me that it's separate.  I finally gave up and didn't say anything except her total.

After she paid for her second SEPARATE order, she gave me a huge grin and said, "Thank you! You have a  good day, now!" Her daughter came back, and they exited the store.

My supervisors and I had a really good laugh at that...




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 JASoN....... RHU!

Sounds like the lady from "where is the BEEF" commercial.

... guess I am dating my age here!


I prolly would have messed with the situation a little "oh, is each item seperate?" "do you want to pay for each item seperatly?" "do you want each item in a seperate bag?" "would you like to apply seperatly for a store card?"


Yet still slightly less annoying than "wait, I need to put these things up in order" guy. I worked at a store where we emptied customers carriages for them. This one guy would come in and fill his carriage to the brim then come up and insist on putting his stuff up item by item. No, he didn't have OCD. He also didn't have enough cash. He'd have maybe 80 to 100 items in his carriage and have cash for maybe 30 things so he'd figure out which he needed most then have me ring that up followed by the second most necessary item then the third and so on. Every few items he'd ask for a subtotal but he'd never just tell me how much cash he had until we went slightly over and we'd have to get a manager to remove something then play a fun round of "I have $2.76 left, what can I get with that?"

Still, I didn't mind being on register whenever he came in because at least that meant I wasn't the one stuck with a carriage full of about 50 miscellaneous items waiting to go back and I didn't need to decide whether the frozen items that had been sitting in his cart for god knows how long were too defrosted to go back in the freezer or not.


N/A - and worse so than that character are the one's who come up, pile everything on the belt all willy-nilly and then after you've rung everything up they say "oh I've only got $XX.XX take some off" and then they have to pick though and hem and haw over what things they want to take off untill they get down to the amount of money they have. Seriously people...bring a calculator and keep track of what you pick up...crimeny!


Or the people that tell you that they have WIC and they don't tell you and they mix in their WIC things with the rest of their orders and then AFTER the transaction is complete, they ask where their WIC stuff is.

For those who are unfamiliar with WIC (women, infants and children) - it's a government-issued piece of paper saying that they can get these things for free cause the gvt is paying for it, like LINK but for formula and peanut butter and eggs for infants/babies.


Jesus CHRIST.......

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