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Spritzy4 Allrighty....must rant....MUST RAAAANT! Augh.

I swear, this company has lederhosen wearing monkeys cranking out the ideas for this place

So the other day our store was doing inventory, and we all know how time-consuming that nightmare is, and then management receives a e-mail.

Corporate had just notified our store of a sale that started the next day...the NEXT DAMN DAY!

They tell us about this "urgently important" sale that's starting the next day that we have to prepare for the midst of FUCKING INVENTORY!

One of the parts of prep for this sale was to make a big sandwich board sign proclaiming the vast wonders of this sale.

We have to make this hand...with our own supplies.

Let it be known that no more than a couple months ago our company announced that they were gonna spend several million on new signage in the next year or so and yet they can't send us a fucking sandwich board?

Now this can't be just any old higgldy-piggldy thrown together sign. It's gotta look "professional" and "perfect" Oh yes! And it has to be made in three hours with some bent up craft board and six half dead permanent markers. Riiiiiiight.

They had another associate start with the sign because they didn't know I was there. And as the token artist of the establishment they sent me to asisst as soon as they saw me. The poor girl was working as fast as she could stenciling out letters and trying to manage the repeated pages she was getting for her dept.

I was filling in the letters with the dried up markers and a manager came in to berate us both for such poor quality work and for taking too long and "wasting valuable man-hours."Spritzy2A

Well if corporate could get their shit together and give us more than 12 hours notice for a sale and actually use some of that fucking multi-millions to send us a sign instead of expecting us to throw one together with sub-par supplies then we wouldn't be in this situation now would we?

They even had the gall to tell the poor girl she'd have to take the sign home and work on it in her own time if she didn't finish it. Not only is that highly illegal but it's unreasonable and unfair.

We got it done with me staying late to help but if we hadn't and they made her take it home I woulda reported them like a old lady reports a wild party.

And to make things even better, Corporate's intention for the sign was to put it outside in front of the store...great so we're doing all this work only to have it blow away in ten minutes if it doesn't fall apart from the rain or run over by a car.

Stupid fuckers...AUGH!




A classic example of shit flowing downhill: Corporate makes a ridiculous decree and the lowest-paid retail slave has to try to change the laws of physics! And if she fails, she's not a "team player".


It amazes me that some people will stoop to idol threats like this. You are right, they cannot make her take the sign home, but if she doesn't know that, then they can make her do what ever they want to. Keep her an eye out and watch her back. The next thing you know, they may start pulling the "You are in trouble now, but a few "naughty" pics of you might clear it off your record. Happened to a friend of mine once.


Joe- Yeah, no kidding. It's like expceting someone to make a Triple Layer Fudgecake without flour, eggs or chocolate.

atombomb1945- The day before I had just taken a two hour training course on wage for work policies so I was well versed in the stores rules...yeah, break them in favor of the associate and the whole world comes to a screeching halt. Break them in favor of the store and it's shrugged off like a leaf.


Augh, I hate our place of employment!! I'm going to knock someone in the teeth one of these days, I really will.

At least they kept the sign inside, though? =/ AND they didn't make the big sandwich board for the 25% off sale this week... hopefully they realized that the other one was a huge waste of time and man-hours and supplies.

Watch them do something to make up for that, now. Oh wait, they already did with no bathroom or drinks during Code S.

Mother mathers.

Green Boy

My two most used responses for ridiculous management comments:

1) ...Then do it yourself!

2) ...Go fuck yourself!

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