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This story is one that happened to me, just earlier TODAY!!

Bullseye HELL!!!

Victim/Me-Cashier at Target

The following happened while at work as a cashier-

*I am ringing up a guest and have many guests in line behind the current one. We are very busy..and of course it happened.

A fairly large women (I refuse to call her a "lady") comes up behind me and taps me on the shoulder.

Before I can ask how I can help her, she starts talking.

Her: "Where do you got Jonas Brothers stuff" (Keep in mind this was a middle-aged women, no doubt looking for a gift for her teeny-bopper daughter)

Me: "Well, you'll have to be more specific, like what exactly are you looking for?"

Her:"I dunno, just stuff. With The Jonas Brothers"

Me: "Well, in electronics we have DVDs, and CDs, in stationary we have folders with them on it, and I think in bedding section we have pillows and sheet sets, might any of that interest you?"

Her: "NO! I what else you got, where do you got it"

Me: "Well, we have no specified Jonas Brothers area, and I can't help you unless you can specify at least what type of item your looking for.

*all this WHILE i am still ringing up "GUESTS" All of them look just as exhausted as I do from answering inane questions. By this point I feel like I'm talking in circles to a 9-year old*

Customer: "So your saying you don't know what else?"

Me: "I'm not saying that I just need you to..."


Customer: "Well, do you know anyone who DOES know what they are doing?"

This was actually a pointless question as she waddled away before I can answer her.

I swear, If there's anything I hate more than the Jonas Bros, it's idiotic "GUESTS" like her.

*Sigh* Another day another dollar


I just look around

I would have said, "Google, it."


When she said "Jonas Brothers" I would have screamed and waved my ands in the air and shouted "You just said the secret word!!!" and then hit her in the face with the cream pie that just so happened to be convienetly located under my counter.


If anyone asked me for Jonas Brothers, I'd just laugh and say "That crap? It's just for brainwashed retards, you'd be better off buying something from an actual musician."


Tell 'em that Corporate shipped it all to *competitor* because it wasn't selling!


No, but we still have some Hanson stuff you might be interested-- Hey! Where are you going? How about some New Kids on the Block?

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