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Jit's Picky Bitch Encounter


I call this encounter,

You Asked For It

It was a busy day. It was a REALLY busy day, I'd had a lot of witchy customers, and here comes another one. I bagged his stuff as he'd asked me to - he told me what bag to put EVERY item in - which was a pain in the butt, but I can understand that some people have had stupid cashiers in the past that bag the meat in with the toilet paper. Whatever. 

Finally, I give him his total. He paid in cash, and I gave him his change. In it, was a quarter, or what looked to be a quarter. He's obviously a nitpicky person so he counted his change back to himself after I counted it back to him, including his change. Then right as I'm about to ring up the next person in line, dismissing him, he stops me.

"Excuse me, could I have a different quarter?" 


"I don't think this is a real quarter and I want to be able to spend it."

I take a look at the coin. Well, he was right, it wasn't a quarter. It was a Japanese coin worth much more than a quarter.

I looked at him and smiled a little. "Of course," I said, and opened my till to put the coin back in.

I switched it out and he said, "See, that wasn't a quarter."

"No, sir, you were right, it wasn't. It was a five-dollar Japanese coin. I'm sorry about that."

He gawked at me for a couple more seconds before I finally said, "Is there something wrong with your quarter?"

"Yeah, I want the other one back."

"But you asked for it." 

He left without another word.



Haha, what a loser. Reminds me of times I accidently give customers more of a discount then they are allowed and they look at their total and STILL think it's too much and bitch about it, I look at it again and realize I made a mistake, fix it, and their total ends of being MORE!!!!

Anyways, if customers are less than nice, I try to give them the dirty change, and old crinkled up bills!


I remember once I was cleaning around the till (sometimes we exchange the stuff in the tip jar so we have more pennies in our till) and I found an isreali coin o.O


Oh man, some people are SO picky with change!

Custy-"Can I have two 5's, one 10 and three 20's?"
Me-"Actually I don't have any 10's at the moment, We don't get them that often, is four 5's alright?"
C-"GOD! You people really need to get organized at the tills here!"
M-"Sorry sir, but we aren't a FUCKING BANK!!!"

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