Jit's Picky Bitch Encounter
Bloodsucker Attack at the Bullseye

Retail Hell Promo By Jit and Spritzy

Forget gold rings with evil power, Jit and Spritzy found something of their own to call precious: My book! What else is there to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon, but make a Retail Hell Book video! They call it "Chicken Girl Promotes Retail Hell The Book." It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside and I don't even need to chase it with Jack Daniels. I especially love Spritzy's portrayal of Gollum and Jit's Jamie Lee Curtis scream. Thanks girls!

And as an added bonus, enjoy a Retail Hell story from Jit and Spritzy below.




Watch about the first minute, minute and a half. See! See! Rainy days!! I'm tellin' ya.


That was disturbing, but then again it was no worse than what I used to after coming home from Rat Shack.


Aww, you guys are adorable. :D
...never mind that you're probably older than me. :/

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