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Retail Hell with Freeman: Piggy Shoppers

Here's my first video RHUers! I am whispering in the opening because I was trying not to get thrown out of Ross. Freddy couldn't be in it because he had to work a double shift with out any breaks, and Carolanne was busy telling off a customer. However, Jason was nice enough to step in and help. Thanks Jason! We also got scary footage of out of control Hell Spawn which will be the subject of the next video - just in time for Halloween!



If I hadn't been in retail for six plus years, I would have said that this video was faked.

However I know better.

@$&*ing pigs


LOL. All that stuff found in returned handbags.

Sometimes we have enough staff to have the store IMMACULATE by opening next morning. I'm talking about an unusually clean Ross. Everything on the hangers, all bed & bath folded, packaged, organized, etc. Piggy customers come in and trash the entire store within seconds!!!
It makes me want to get my own retail hell mask and ambush them whenever they make a mess.

Magical Shrimp

I can only hope that those piggies come across this video and recognize themselves. And I wanna work with that chick, she's awesome!

(The Original) M

I still can't believe that one piggy shopper that just looked at stuff and then threw it on the ground. I mean is it that hard to put the fuckin' hanger back on the rack!? Oh wait... yes it is, her arms are clearly broken. She probably didn't even buy anything.


Oh the mess...the horror. *twitch-twitch* Why must people be such slobs...why...why?
Ijust wanna take a big 'ol push-broom and shove it all out the door, the mess, the custys...everything. Good riddance.

Arcade anarchist

Yaknow if they let you host a show like this on some random network Id definatly watch it... That stuff is as funny as it is scarry and true


It would've been funny to interview the woman and ask her "why are you just throwing the clothes on the floor?" Speaking of a deer in the headlights. Great video, Piggy shoppers suck!

Anger Mismanagement

Ah, Ross Work for Less...exactly as I remember it!


watching that lady just drop shit on the floor pissed me off so much! you should have held an exclusive interview on why shes a piggy.


I can't see the video. :(


Spritzy - We should just take ourselves and shove ourselves out the door with the push-brooms too.. all in favor?

Ahh, that video seriously could give small children nightmares... and to think we deal with this bullcrap every day.


Next video: Interviews with Piggy Customers themselves!! Asked why they are such disgusting pigs, why they are too lazy to put things back on the hangers, why they throw merchandise all over the floor, why they leave food and drink wrappers and cups all over the place, why they can't seem to take their clothes out of the fitting rooms, and much more! Coming soon!

Who's with me?


I agree with Arcade Anarchist that this would be a great TV show. And with the power of the Almighty Network Television Crew it would be possible to confront and interrogate...I mean...interview...bad shoppers when they're encountered like Kerry & Karen & Matt suggseted.
We, the RHU elite, with our powers combined, are the greatest think-tank in all the world....fear us world! We have Retail Experience and we're not afraid to use it!

Burger Bitch

That was great.
You're adorable <3


Fucking epic <3


Haha Freeman's so awesome! I want that book! :) I hate piggy shoppers! I would die if I worked in a clothing store.

Retail Therapy

That was amazing! Can't believe that woman just dropped that stuff on the floor, and she couldn't have made it more conspicuous if she'd tried.
There's a few people selling your book on Amazon UK already so I'm going to try and get a copy. Looking forward to reading it.
Also looking forward to your next video!


love it, we have the same pigs here in Australia as well, sigh. what is the music you used called, love it.


:O! I can't believe that woman just oh-so-casually dropped the shoes! /and/ the top! What the hell?! Tempted to find out where she lives, start picking her shit up and then just dropping it on the floor - see how she likes it!


Oh, that poor woman. That random article of clothing flying past her head. D:

I want to go get a funny mask and interview piggies at Ross now. >:c

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