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Retail Hell Haggy Bitch Scare

Blogskull15From Sisu:

I think once I'm done with retail, I'll be an anthropologist. It's not like I'll notice the lack of pay and dealing with shitty conditions.

I have to share this story about a brain dead bitch of a customer.

She started out a sweet yet somewhat high strung old lady.

That should have been a warning sign.

Well, she needed a coaxial cable. Not a problem, we have about a million, so I showed her our stock and helped her pick one out. Then she needed a connector. We have two types, the feed-thru and the twist on.

She picks up the twist on type and starts to walk away. I figure she's done and out of my hair when she stops me. WHY?

"I need the kind of connector where you thread it through."
I held up the feed-thru connector. "That would be the feed-thru kind."
"NO! THAT IS NOT IT!" she yelled at me. "It has to connect the coax cables."
"That's the point of this CONNECTOR," I told her.
"No, no, you aren't listening to me! It has to feed thru it and connect it. GOD, why can't you get it right?"
"Ma'am, this is a FEED-THRU CONNECTOR. You FEED it THROUGH to CONNECT coaxial cables. This is what you are looking for!" I said, trying very hard to keep the sarcasm out of my voice.
She rolled her eyes at me. "Fuck you, you don't just don't know what I'm talking about. Isn't there anyone who knows anything?"
I rolled my eyes back at her. "Ma'am, this is exactly what you need based on what you are telling me. If you can't explain it to me, I cannot help you."
She walked away muttering about me "just not getting it".

Customer Douche of the Week


This hellacious tale was left in the comments of the Piggy Fright post.

Atombomb1945 encountered a huge douchy custy:

They know when you are at peace with the store. That is when they seek you out and strike.

The worst I had was selling a Cell Phone to a customer.

In the middle of the pitch (in the store mind you) he pulls out a pack of smokes and lights up.


I smoke, but I couldn't do it in the store. I asked him to take it outside.

What does he do?

He throws it on the carpet and snuffs it out.

Then he left with out buying anything.

He knew I was having a good day.

Guess who was asked if they were smoking in the store when the boss came in?

Piggy Shopper Fright

Piggie10 Dear Retail Hell Underground

I have to vent.  Enjoy the story.  

I have just had a customer – mother with toddler – come in and sit down on the seat to have his feet measured. 

As she waits for me to get my measuring guide, she proceeds to dust herself off of thousands of crumbs, onto our floor. 

Both her and the child are absolutely covered. 

She apologized and said ‘We’ve just had a scone’ (it was more an explanation than an apology though). 

Would you not shake yourself clean in the carpark? (we are not in a mall, the cars are parked right outside). 

There was an actual inch square chunk of scone along with small and medium sized crumbs all over our floor. 

I had to go and get the brush and shovel before her child could try anything on as it would have been mashed in and tracked everywhere. 

At least she bought the damn shoes I tried on him, and she didn’t hang around. 

That is a small mercy. 

I was swearing so much at her out the back I was afraid she might have heard me (my colleague said you couldn’t hear me out the front, phew.  I was really letting her have it). 


I just can't think how this could ever be considered an acceptable way to behave, but then I'm just a civilized human being, what would I know.  

I always get someone like this just after my day off when I’m all zen just to bring me back to the reality of being a shopgirl.  

Keep up the good work at Retail Hell Underground!