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Rhuskully5 Sent in from SJ:

I just had to share my Random Act of Retail Kindness that occurred yesterday during return hell.

This woman was returning something and didn't have a receipt.

Our policy states that you can only get a gift card for the lowest amount it has been at in the last 90 days without the card you purchased with it or the receipt.

The woman didn't have a problem with only getting 9.99 back, but she didn't want it as a receipt.

So, as I'm calling the manager she's working herself up to a fit.

I'd already had 6 people flip out on me that day and it was only 3 hours into my shift with 6 more hours to go so I said "Lady, calm down. I'm trying to work this out for you."

The guy behind her asks "How much was the gift card for?"

I informed him and he said "Why don't I just give her $10 and use the gift card towards my purchase?"

I looked at the lady to make sure she wasn't going to start screaming and then thanked him profusely.

After she left he said "I could tell she was going to make a scene and hold up the line, so I figured it didn't really make a difference."

I continued to thank him during the sale, and I could tell everyone else in the line was grateful too.

It's nice to know that not everyone is an ass hole like the other people who I wanted to strangle yesterday.

I just hope return hell ends soon.

Walking into work and finding the cash wrap covered in piles of clothing gives me a headache.



Oh god, in some ways return hell is worse than Black Friday because NO ONE has a gift receipt. I had a lady flip out on me and my LOD last night because we wouldn't allow her to return a Playstation 3 without a receipt. She started claiming she was a lawyer, and that someone told her she could return it, which is horseshit because that policy is storewide and for someone who is a lawyer and was taking down every name she could while she was bitching, she sure didn't remember the name of who she spoke to who told her she could return it without a receipt. Oh and the next person who returns Christmas decorations can choke on a Christmas ball for all I'm concerned.


God Bless that Man.


I don't get why people have such fits about gift cards...most places that I end up needing to return something are somewhere I shop at least semi-frequently anyway. Plus some places you could buy something with the gift card...and then return it later (with the receipt) for cash....a pain in the ass for everyone involved I know...but at least you'd get your damn green paper with little presidents pictures on it.


On those rare occasions when it has happened to me, even I get it! What is it with these people? Most places have the store policy posted in VERY LARGE TYPE on a VERY LARGE SIGN right as you walk in the door. But why am I shouting to you? I'm preaching to the choir.

The guy who handed over the $10... a total Saint in my book, and obviously a former retail slave in a past life. Why self-entitled people think they are always better than others and play by a different set of rules still amazes me.

Supermarket Soap

There are a few angels out there who like to help us retail slaves out. We don't do gift cards yet, but apparently our new owners do, and I've already had customers demand that we don't change our refund policy. Like I have that kind of authority working the graveyard shift...

A Fellow Slave

Such a wonderful man.


I don't object to gift cards, just to places that basically don't take returns at all. I once tried to return a shower head to one of the big retailers and they wouldn't take it. Only bought it a couple of weeks before but when I went to install it I realized the hose was damaged. I couldn't find the receipt (I know, I'm not blameless here) but I figured they'd stand behind a damaged product. Wrong! They'd stopped selling it sometime in those couple of weeks so they couldn't exchange and wouldn't refund without a receipt. I had a friend try to return a DVD player after her husband bought it without consulting her. There was no instructions in the box but the customer service manager said there should be and wouldn't accept it without instructions, even with the receipt. I know there are scammers out there but some stores are going way too far trying to prevent it nowadays.


Nothing worse when somebody doesn't have a receipt or even a gift receipt and expect cash back. Oh, actually there is...when they throw a tantrum and demand a manager who caves in and gives it to them, plus the full selling price.


haha. i hate it when someone tries to return an item without a receipt or gift receipt and when you tell them you cant return it they just repeat it over and over like its going to change something.
"so i cant return this?"
"im sorry, no"
*custy stares*
"no returns?"
"not without a receipt, im afraid not"
*stares longer*
"no way to return this?"

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