Return Hell with Dumbass Custys
Dumbass New Years Eve Custy



I work at Target. We've had Valentine's Day stuff up since a week before Christmas and the cards and big displays were up December 26th.


AAAAAHHHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! *runs screaming into the night*

I had to set the cards starting the day after Christmas. Only one small (meaning big) problem. When I was trained, I had never actually set up a new display. Not even when they put up the new store. So even though I have the directions and the general idea of how this is supposed to be done, things are not going well because 1) the boxes had been shifted around so much in storage that I didn't know what the actual "first card" was supposed to be on each layer and 2) apparently I didn't get everything I thought I was going to get for the Valentine's display which left me with holes. YIKES!

Fortunately, I have a very forgiving boss who just said, "Make it look good." (I did my best), but if an actual Hallmark representative walks in and looks at it, they are going to think I was on something when I set the display. *sigh* And I'm still waiting for our web-interactive cards and (destined for markdown) plush lions that are supposed to repeat what's said to them.


How ridiculous.The most basic truth about Valentine's day has been totally ignored by ignorant corporate bigwigs.
Straight men hate Valentine's day and only buy shit because they feel obligated to and being obligated to buy shit for Valentine's day pisses them off,therefore they wait until Valentines's day itself to buy shit.
I should know,I worked in an upper end chocolate store(with the naked lady on horseback as a logo)and we were well known for our delicious chocolate covered strawberries.Even though we started taking orders a month before V-day I never saw a straight man until the day itself.and oh yes they used my ears to whine about the stupid holiday and how they HAVE to buy their women something or they would never get to have sex again.I'm not sure who wanted to have sex with them in the first place.Anyway.....good times.


Forget Valentine's Day; our local stores already have their Easter stuff out!

It was New Year's Eve or the night before, we went to Rite Aid to get some medicine because my dad had a cold.. I was amused by the aisle completely filled with Valentines Candy and it wasn't even 2010 yet.

Retail Therapy

I saw Easter eggs in Tesco over a week ago, but I haven't seen any Valentines stuff yet :/.

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