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A Tale of Wedding Cake Retail Hell

Story timeFrom Veronica:

I was a cake decorator at a major grocery store before I left it to raise my sons at home and I never regret a day of it. 

The worst experience was when our store used to make wedding cakes. First off, outside of baking and frosting your own cake, a grocery store wedding cake cannot get any cheaper.  Yet, people would come in and complain about having to pay $110 dollars for a cake that feeds 150 people. For comparison sake, I paid 600 dollars for my wedding cake at a REAL wedding cake designer/baker and it fed 250 people and even that is considered pretty cheap.  Second, women who plan their own weddings are the rudest bitches on the planet. It's as if the whole world needs to stop and focus on HER wedding!

So on top of all my daily baking and no extra pay, I would have to deal with women who didn't care about anything else then themselves and of course how cheap could they get it for. 

We used to have several rules at the bakery, but of course if the person got the right manager and bitched louder they could get anything they want, which leads me to the very last wedding cake I ever made for the store. 

The customer comes in about 2 weeks before the wedding and orders the cake, which is not unusual since most people who use grocery stores have no concept of time and planning. The transaction is normal and actually quite pleasant.

Fast forward to the day of pick up- complete 360 and the bitch from hell shows up. 

First the bitch swears the cake is not the one she ordered.

Second she all of a sudden has no memory of ever talking to me the decorator, even though she took 25 minutes going over every ridiculous detail.

Third, she produces some picture of a cake that our bakery doesn't even produce. 

The last and final draw was when it came time to pay.

The crazy bitch whips out her EBT card. 

Food Stamps! 

My jaw hit the floor because we don't take EBT cards for decorated cakes/party trays/5 foot sub sandwiches and I knew this cake that took me 4 hours was going to crush my shrink quota. 

Long story short, my manager ended up calling up the department of social services to check to see if someone COULD use food stamps to purchase a wedding cake and the woman on the other line said, "As long as said food is for human consumption and is not heated, alcoholic, or an energy drink- it's valid." 

So guess who got their wedding cake for free? 



My jaw is still in my lap. How the hell does someone get off on making such a show of themselves, and then to top it off they use their EBT card? I really do wish there was a way to report people like this, or better yet, ban them from stores for miss using it.


Wow, just, wow. I thought the lady who got mad at me because she couldn't use food stamps to buy an easter basket was something.

I just don't think it's fair sometimes. I have a coworker who works two jobs on her feet all day and needs food stamps even with her jobs since her husband is injured and can't work. She's had to wait several months for foodstamps because there's such a backlog. People like crazy bitch cake lady give people who truly need foodstamps a bad name.


Oh for F's sake! Here I am on EBT myself, it took me 5 years to find a job, and I would NEVER consider paying for a wedding cake with foodstamps! (The same way I would never park in a spot for "mothers with children" when the youngest was 8 either.) I have bought birthday cakes with foodstamps (and my son keeps asking me why I don't have it decorated), but not big ones, just big enough for my son and me to share.

When I got married almost 30 years ago, we got a relatively small cake and I believe it was around $65. We weren't expecting that many people because I didn't know that many and my family was poor. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it. I told the cake decorator what I wanted and said, "Do what you want." and I thought it came out great.

Burger Bitch

That's fucking retarded.
Those are for people IN NEED.
Not for stupid cunts.
What a tool


That bridezilla needs a good bitch slapping .First of all why is she bitching about the price when:#1 the average wedding cake goes for 9 to 12 dollars a slice and #2the taxpayers are footing the bill.I too have had the distinct displeasure of waiting on bridezillas who are so totally narcissistic it boggles the mind.Just what kind of pussy-whipped wimps are out there marrying these witches?I don't understand the attraction.At all.


If she's buying a WEDDING CAKE with food stamps, then how the hell is she affording the whole goddamn wedding?? If Mommy and Daddy are paying for everything, why couldn't they give her money for that too?? WTF?! I fucking hate evil bitches.
mudflapgirl - Amen.


Pharmacy_Psycho: I commend you, For using the assiatnace in the way it was meant for it to be used, as a temporary and well managed situation, to be used like real, hard earned income, not a handout that the person feels they deserve to be used flippiantly. I hope things improve for your situation qucikly. Finding work is so hard these days. I've been trying so hard to get out of my meager part-time job... but I've not had any hits. Bah. I'll be thinkin of ya! ^_^

It Rhymes With Fig Plots

If it makes you feel any better the food stamp program is actually a farm subsidy. The government pays farmers to grow (or not grow) food. Since most crops are mass-produced on factory farms, food is very cheap (to produce, not buy). The government gives out food stamps (and foreign food aid) to utilize the huge stockpile of perishable crops. 2008 was a particularly productive year. USDA projected the largest wheat crop in 10 years at 2.392 billion bushels, the corn crop at 12.125 billion bushels and the soybean crop at 3.105 billion bushels and the U.S. paid 16 billion dollars in subsidies to the farmer who grew it. Dairy subsidy = government cheese.


Thanks for the accolades, guys. It feels good coming from the people in the trenches (or on the other side of the counter). I do occasionally splurge and get soda, chips, cookies and such, but most of the food is short-order (meaning I don't have to stand a long time to cook it), low-cost, frozen, canned, or dried food that keeps well. Peanut butter is one of my best friends. Think in terms of a large pot of spaghetti with meat sauce once a week and whatever works around that for the rest of the week. We eat a lot of leftovers. No steak, no lobster, no wedding cakes, and you wouldn't believe what I would do for a Klondike Bar! I'm glad I never took up smoking or drinking or I'd be in serious financial trouble. My teenage son firmly believes there is a cow living in the back of the refrigerator willing to put out 2 gallons of 2% milk per week, and if the cow runs dry, I hear about it. I just wish HE would get a job and help out a bit, but he says he's not cut out for the drudgery of that kind of work... not enough challenge. *sigh* Since I started working I'm down to almost no food stamps now, but my expenses haven't lessened. Now I'm putting out the money to pay for gas to get to work, whereas before I could simply stay home unless I had a dr's appointment. Its all a balancing act and a lot of days I wonder if I'm up to the challenge. Thanks for giving me this site to talk to the people who really understand both sides of the counter.


Pharmacy psycho you make me think about how hard it is to survive-and raise a child- on low wages.I think the government should provide MORE assistance for hard working people like you who have to work for coporations that believe the only thing to do with labor is to suck it dry by absrtacting as much work as possible and paying the lowest wages possible.Retailers are notoriously cheap when it comes to labor.This is seriously fucked up.But anyway,I would rather have my tax dollars going to supplement income for people like yourself,as opposed to folks who abuse the system and are too lazy to work.Here's to you Pharmacy psycho!


I don't mean to turn this into a "story of my life" thread, but when my son came to live with me, they actually took away my EBT cash. I couldn't believe it! You'd think with someone using more of my resources, they would have given me more, but oh nooooo. Their excuse... they "divide" my benefits! Gee thanks, Assholes! I nearly had no place to live if I wasn't >this< close to suing my landlord for discrimination because he rented the 2 bedroom upstairs apartment because I was handicapped and "he didn't think I could handle it". I spent 8 months in depressive hell in a 1 bedroom (I had to move out of a studio) while I saved up enough money for a first and security for a 2 bedroom.

Michael Morgan

That's fucked up, plain and simple. I've had a something like that happen to me. I work in a bakery and have so in the same company for 12 years. This one bitch came in one day and I took her order and when she came in to pick up her cake, you guessed it, it was "WRONG" and to make matters worse she told me that the person who took her order was an incompatent idiot, and did not what the hell they were doing. I just smiled at her and said, "I'm the idiot, and the cake is just as you ordered it, now I recommend that you take your cake and not come back. After she took her cake, I intercommed the front end manager and gave them a run down of the situation, she did not get her cake for free, and she has not been back since.

Cake Bitch

Yeah.. people in general usually suck hardcore. I've made a few wedding cakes and I only have one horror story, but yours definitely wins hands down. That's epic, and not even in a good way. I get asked at least once a week if people can use their EBT cards for cakes, I am thankful that I'm not a cashier because the shit people buy with their food stamps that isn't really stuff they need to be buying with them would drive me up the wall.

All in all, I think they need to revamp the system, or make it more like wic checks so you can only get certain kinds of items, such as canned goods, pasta, you know, real food.. take lobsters, t-bones, and most importantly, wedding cakes.. off the list. lol.. but that's just my opinion. ^^;


I so believe in a little help when you need it, but some of the policies are just insane. You can't get "partial" benefits, it's all or nothing. A friend's husband lost his job, she still worked, but they needed some help until he found work again, just a few benefits. Nope, they told her to quit her job and go on full welfare, or she'd get nothing. wtf? She WANTS to work, to be a productive member of society, and they penalize her.

Also, this IS a first hand experience, not to be taken as a racist rant. My sister rolled back into NY with her 15 year old car and about $100 in the bank, and her 2 year old son. She needed some help, obviously, until she got back on her feet as well, which she did. She went for WIC (EBT) and whatever else, and they turned her down. Why? The lady looked her right in the eye and said "Cause you're white, you don't need it." Hand to God. OK, so only "people of color" need help? Cause we white people are soooo rich and all. Plus she was a veteran (5 years in the Navy) and still got nothing here in NY. Double wtf?

Plus the "scholarship" to a pre-school went to the family down the street in the regular house with both parents working good jobs, not to her the single struggling parent in the basement apt. Guess why? Help should be by need, not demographic.

Note: I have zero problem with anyone, peoples is peoples, color is a descriptor, not a definer. It's attitudes and actions that piss me off.


If it makes you feel any better, the situation is the same here in Canada.
I have no problem with people who need a hand getting one: but there seems to be a big problem in how aid is given out. What about just "topping up" for people who need health/drug/dental insurance and a little extra money for food, instead of making them quit it all and go on welfare to get it? Think of what we'd SAVE, not to mention encouraging people's hard work and rewarding effort, not sloth? We don't have an EBT system, which for us just means the Beer Store and lottery ticket kiosks are lined up around the block on "Cheque Day".
And yes, I know of the process being based on demographic, not need. Gee, I'm white, and I am so heartened to hear how well I'm doing all the time, especially with me living hand-to-mouth! I qualify for nothing here, so I am stuck between a rock and a hard place (like Mel's sister, I'm also a vet with a two year old). Everyone seems to think because I have an education and a white-middle-class background, things are easy. :)
I agree that colour is a descriptor, not a definition!
The retail bitch in me would MOST ASSUREDLY have lost it on the FoodStampTramp and her asshattery when ordering a wedding cake using what I'm sure would be the equivalent of a week's worth of grocery money!'s people like you that are the reason not taking to the streets with a torch demanding tax money back. If we have to feed some cheats to help people like you, then it's still worth it.:)

Perfectly Imperfect

Foodstamps are awesome!!! My sister gets them and she's getting my wedding cake with them. She does make much, but this is how she intends on contributing. Whatever works!!!!

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