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Carolanne2 062a From The Loser:

With my first day back from a forced five day holiday, I came in expecting a nice day doing mark downs or at the jewelry counter.

Well boys and girls, that was a dream unworthy of me. Seems they saw fit to put me into Customer Service for returns, despite being only verbally trained. Thanks for being such Winners.

Now, I've done returns for the Jewelry counter before, but that is a completely different ball park.

Anyhow, this story does not concern management. It concerns a return on a credit card. I am very thorough. I check every signature. I check the card before I even swipe it for a signature. If there is none, I ask for PHOTO ID, and look at the photo and compare. I don`t swipe it if the person doesn`t look a reasonable amount like their photo. If signatures don`t match, I do the same thing.

I have had people compliment me on such a good job I do. When people complain, I lie and say that I've had my identity stolen because people don`t bother to check and that my credit rating is in the shitter. While I sometimes feel bad for the fib, it makes them shut up and think that I`m an angel.

Well, today a man returns something on a credit card. While I don`t really need to check the signature, I do anyhow, just to make sure I stay in the habit, you know? Anyhow, he scribbles, which looks nothing like the signature on his card.

I ask for some ID in the sweetest voice I have.

He starts to yell at me, about how it's discrimination.

This is the first time I've looked at the customer. I then notice that he is black. Now this may sound racist, but he was the darkest man I've ever seen, he was nearly literally black.

I myself am about as white as you can get, practically translucent (insert horrible Twilight vampire jokes here - HarHar).

I don't even start for a moment, turn the receipt and the card so he can see, and look him right in the eye and say, "Do those look the same?"

He looks for a second, "No, but who ever signs the same way twice? You're discriminating because I'm a ******" (I don't feel comfortable even repeating it here in text!).

I took a piece of paper and signed twice, quickly.

It wasn't exact, but it was clearly the same. I pulled out my ID, it was the same. I held out my hand for the ID, looked at the picture, then at him for a moment, giving him a good looking over, and said "Here you go, handsome."

And smiled, thanking him for his time and for being cooperative.

I'm not sure why people think that we're racist the moment we ask for ID. It pisses me off, because when I'm asked for ID, I just pull it out. It makes things smoother, but I will ask why. Often it's because things don't look right, or it's company policy.

Thanks for reading.

The Loser.



I hate it when the race card is pulled. I had a coworker spread a rumor that I hate blacks because I show dislike for a couple of ladies who happen to be black and I'm white. No, I don't hate you for the color of your skin, I dislike you because you're slow, barely know how to do anything, sit around causing drama and fights with petty bullshit, and yet they're in a position to train people.


Ugh....I hate when the race card is used by co-workers as a petty excuse to get away with things.

It's snowed here, and we've gotten the heaviest amount of snowfall for a good 5 years (4 inches). Last night, KNOWING my parents were going to have to make an hour drive one way just to come pick me up (when normally it takes 15 minutes to get from my house to where I work) because of the roads, I asked my two CSM's if I could get off work early. I got told they'd have to play it by ear.

Meanwhile, the little princesses, who are also the same color they are, and who live within a 3 mile radius of our store, asked to go home early and were allowed to, because the roads were just to dangerous for them to be on.

And that's just barely scraping the surface of the treatment you get at my store for not being black.


I grew up in Cleveland, OH when I was young. I went to an integrated school, but it turns out that wasn't good enough for my mom. She decided to bus me to a school away from my friends so she could be even more politically correct. It turns out the school was mostly black and needed more white students. I got my ass kicked all the time. I couldn't wait to get out of that hell-hole. It was the worst year of my life. I have had friends of all races and employers of all races. I don't have a problem with it. The only time I haven't left a tip at a restaurant was when an older black woman ignored my friend and me for 10 minutes until after another couple of black ladies walked in and were waited on. Normally, I tend to tip extra because I know how little waitresses are paid. Don't play the race card with me. I was raised to be open-minded and look past the package. If the content reeks, it means there's a problem with how they were raised.


My dad is white and my mother is black, so I've always believed that people are equal despite the color of their skin. I've always told my friends, "I don't care if you're black, white or purple with pink polka-dots. I care about who you are on the inside. If I hate someone, it's not because of the color of their skin, it's because they're an asshole."


Ugh! I get bitched at all the time for asking for ID for narcotics in a pharmacy. Then of course if we didn't get ID and a signature for narcotics someone else would pick up their shit and they'd rant and rave about how we don't ask for ID. Double edged sword.


I was doing security at my job around Christmas, and checking people's receipts when I didn't see them come from a register. I had a black guy come through, from a random area of the store (I guess he had paid in electronics), and scream that I was racist for checking his ID. Even after I calmly explained it to him, he just glared at me and left. Yup, way to play the race card.


To be fair, when I worked at the mall, one of my white bosses would very blatantly follow black families and individual shoppers around our store under the guise of "customer care." I've also had white people flip the fuck out when asked to show an I.D., too, but they accuse in a more general way, "What! Do _I_ look like a thief?!?!"

Burger Bitch

Aah, the ever popular race card.
I live in a small-ass town where most of the inhabitants are white, but since I'm in Canadaland, we have French people.
And we get a lot of "IT'S BECAUSE I AM FRENCH YAYA?"
"No, it's because you're an asshole, actually."


I work on the phone. Totally. Only. On. The. Phone. And I had a guy accuse me of being racist because I asked him to prepay something via credit card. This guy did not speak in any type of ethnic vernacular or otherwise indicate in any way what his ethnic background was. For all he knew, I was of the same ethnicity. Naturally, when asked how I was supposed to know what his "race" was, he couldn't answer me and just kept on yelling.


Mimi, doesn't that sound like a twisted version of an FML story? Like, some guy will submit it realizing he was on the phone and that the race card can't really be pulled over the phone? :P
I really wonder if he ever figured it out. Haha.


I once had someone accuse me of being racist, and I calmly asked them if they understood what "defamation of character" means. They didn't of course, so I explained that it means if you accuse someone of a negative thing without having proof against them, then you are unfairly defaming them. I told this person that I could indeed sue them for defaming me by calling me "racist" when they had never met me before or knew anything about me. I then also told this person that I wasn't "targeting" them for being black but simply enforcing a company and credit card issuer policy of checking ID against unsigned credit cards. She shut up pretty quickly. If you are ever accused of being racist, simply shoot back by threatening to sue that person for defamation of character against you for accusing you of such a thing.


Thanks for doing that. Getting one's credit card stolen really sucks.

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