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Blogskull25From Arcade Anarchist:

This is a story My brother told me who is also a Retail Slave.

My brother works as a cashier at one of the big name hardware stores. They also have various appliances which is what I assume was being bought.

Some stores have policies that if possible, you are required to refer to a customer by name. If they give you a credit card take a quick glance and find their name blah blah blah.

Well on this particular day he had a visit from a very ghetto-fab woman. Lots of gold and unable to control the volume of her voice, or just incapable of speaking at a non obnoxious level.

She gabbed on her cell phone so that everyone in the store could hear her side of the conversation (I like to call these people mad-lib custys cause I like to fill in the blanks). Annoying behavior aside, most of her transaction went off without a hitch, and when it came time to pay she was off her phone.

His store doesn't have the pin-pads for customers to do all their credit stuff, so she had to hand him her card. 

He looked at the card and immediately noticed there was no full name on it.

Only a few letters and a dash.

I'd imagine anyone having trouble deciphering this name:


No last name on the card and no signature. So he asked for an ID. She hands it to him and it matches. The name "Le-a" is on the ID.

So out of curiosity and to keep to his stores policy, he asked her how to pronounce her name while he was running the card.

She said: "Ledasha. The 'dash' Aint no silent."

A grand laugh to be had.

Arcade Anarchist



That's an urban legend; two years ago it used to be about a girl, and when Snopes researched it, there was no person of that name in the social security database. So while the story may have given us a good chuckle (nothing wrong with that), I believe it's just that - a story, fictional.

Link to Snopes:


Yeah, I was gonna say this is either an urban legend or Le-a is a SUPER popular name.

And while we're on the subject, you don't know anyone named Lemonjello, Oranjello, Shithead, etc etc. No, you don't.

Malmart Peon

I do know of someone named "Placenta." My friend's mom worked in a maternity ward as a nurse, and she was telling us stories.

Arcade anarchist

im not so sure on the the facts, but like i said this was a story my brother told me of someone who did come inot his store. He also told me of someone named Timothy Turner wishing his store would be open longer.


Erm, yes I do know someone named Shithead.

That one isn't an urban legend in my case, and the reason I know it's not, it's because he was a co-worker, I accepted his application, and was the party responsible for getting copies of his ID to go in his new hire packet.


One of my friends had a sister that worked in a maternity ward. She was telling us about a lady that came in and had a little boy. She named him "Turdisitis" (don't quote me on the spelling). A couple years later the lady came back in and had a baby girl. She named her "Stoolina" (don't quote me on the spelling of that either!). Why you would want to name your kids after something that sounds like a bowel problem is beyond me.

Malmart Peon

Maybe she did something with poop? My friend's favorite professor (of Ancient History) named his son Trajen, after a roman emperor.


"Stoolina" could be spelled "Stewlina" (Stew might name his daughter that), or "Stellina", which is Italian for "Starlet".


I know of a person named Gello Orange. He's a football player at Wake Forest.

I have personally met people named Jamerican, Dwaynecia, Tiraeni (pronounced like "tyranny"), and Shawntavia. one of my teachers used to talk about having a student named Shi'thade, which was a traditional name in the village he'd been born in.


I have cashiered for a Snow White and Cinderella Shwatrz(saw their driver's licenses too).


Sorry all I got is "Channy" short for Chandelier.


Oh boy. Where do I start? We used to have a customer whose first name was Princess. She would very proudly tell of how her father named her that because she was "his princess." Then there was a guy named Green Savage. Seriously. There was Jose Orlowski (probably not so unusual these days). And my all-time favorite, Mr. O. Actually it was a zero, not an 'O.' He said he was from another planet. I actually saw one of his checks. His name was listed as 00, and it had his street address, city, state, zip and then read "planet Earth." He used to refer to his "earthling wife." I swear I am NOT making this up.

Timekeeper's Twit

I have someone named Juliet Romeo. and my husband has two patrons, one named Shithead, which everyone tried to pronounce it Shi'thead and he corrected them saying it really was said like shit head. and another named Shitall.

Chicken Flinger

I had a customer once named Parvati Patil (like the character from the Harry Potter books) but she was a much older Indian woman. I also worked with a girl named Promise, one named Pleasure and one named Paloma, all different places of work.




I once knew a girl--we'll call her JJ--who referred to herself as a "gangster princess" because her mom was high up in a local motorcycle gang, and JJ grew up with all the gang members treating her like a princess. My point is, though, that JJ had a baby, and her mom *insisted* that she name the gorgeous baby girl Phelony. Yes, it's pronounced FELONY. And yes, I have actually met the child.

So...would I want my daughter growing up to be a stripper or a felon? Which is worse? I just don't know!


I've met a few weird names myself, I've known a cloud, a rainbow, a cloudy, a tyranny (probably not spelt right) a tabby and a kat who were best friends as well as some other weird ones I can't remember right now. As for ledasha though I've heard this one as being from a nurse who had to try and figure it out to call them in for the dr but it was spelt la-a


My mum (a headteacher) had a kid at her school whose name was pronounced "gooey"...and was spelt "Guy" - my mum had gone to school with this mother and said she'd always "been a bit stupid" lol

Had an african girl in my maths class at college called Catherine Precious Somethingorother (her sister was called Delicious) and on the first day told the teacher she wanted to be called Precious - he was a fairly butch guy, and he said "there is no way in hell i am calling one of my a-level students 'Precious'. I'm calling you Catherine, deal with it"

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