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I have what looks like the old, heavy, metal parking signs. It has a black background and white, raised letters and says simply "GO AWAY". When I first moved to this state, I had a small apartment in a small town. After I had it hanging on my front door (which I never used) for three months, my landlord came and told me I had to take it down because "some of the [town] residents were offended". I did as he said and moved the sign to my back door so he would have to see it every time he walked out to his car!


Actually, every store should have a live bear manning the Customer Service counter.


We had a front door mat that said that when I was growing up. Awesome.


We do have a sign above our tv for the security cameras, which is in plain sight of the customers. It says "THE CREEPSHOW". Sometimes a customer will notice and laugh. Usually the customers who would have a problem with it aren't observant because they live in me-me-me-land. It works out for everyone.

Julie S.

Hi I just found your blog and loving it. I started working retail in Feb. for the first time as my family needed another income. I cannot believe how rude & horrible customers will treat people working in a store for no reason whatsoever, no matter how friendly you are to them- they're downright abusive!!! And it's not a rare event either, it's constant! I wish I could tell them where to shove their money, but what can one do? I need the money, so I have to grit(and probably damage my teeth) and bear it. I have a newfound respect for salespeople, cashiers, managers of retail establishments; it truly has been a bizarre, eye-opening experience. Too bad we can't post videos of the worst of the assholes, it'd be nice to get back at them somehow.


It's perfect!

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