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Rb A Retail Balls Award goes to Self Scan Girl for how she dealt with a huge bitch Custy during the Christmas Rush:

Hi all, I'm your friendly neighborhood self scan girl.

That's right. Of the forty people that work in the front end of my store, I'm one of the lucky ten or so that is trained in managing the self checkouts. Now, I've been at school for the last four months in another part of the country, and thus have been on leave till about a week ago. And all of my shifts since coming back to my store have been snapping my gum at the self checkout counter, using the palm pilot and touch screen monitor to fix morons' mistakes and cleaning shit up. Because apparently my six checkouts look like a trash can. Fuck no. I keep them clean. So stop leaving your fucking tissues on the machines. Gross.

Now, normally, I'm okay with this. I clean, I hold hands and babysit people who clearly need a lot of attention or are completely illiterate AND deaf at the same time, and I assist most times with a smile. (Unless you snap your fingers at me. Then all bets are off, bitch. I'm not your servant.) However, my first shift back, I get some bitch demanding some special attention that I don't have time for.

First, she uses the machines to check prices. So I have to void out all of these and write them up. She did this even after I a) specifically told her not to, and b) checked the prices for her on my palm pilot. Finally she stops. Okay.Scan pic

But wait! She rings in a pot on her actual order that she thought was four dollars, not twenty-seven. Though I know the pot is twenty-seven dollars, because I had been down that aisle earlier before my shift, I offer to call the department and check with someone who works there. I call, the guy tells me exactly what I already knew, I tell the woman.

Her: But the sign said four.

Me: Well, he just went and checked and it's actually twenty-seven.

Her: You can't do that.

Me: The tag for four dollars was for a completely different pot, one that was on clearance. I was down there not two hours ago.

Her: You can't do that. I saw a tag for four where I got this pot. The law says you have to give it to me for free now.

Me: That's only if the UPC code matches the tag. That tag you are talking about does not match this pot. I'm very sorry for the mixup.

Her: You're a stupid little whore. Don't know your own laws? This is a felony, bitch. I could report you to the police.

Me: Excuse me?Demonshopa

Her: You are committing a felony. That's it. You little whore. I know what you're doing. This is illegal, and I'm reporting you to your head office and the police.

I did not take that well. I've spent two years getting abused there by customers, and I'm not letting some bitch ruin my night.

Me: Look, you may have found the pot in that spot. But it didn't belong there and it didn't match the tag. I have done nothing wrong here. You want to know why you're having a little tantrum in the middle of this store over a fucking pot? Because of customers exactly like you, putting crap where it doesn't belong and not giving a shit because they think they're entitled to come here and do whatever they want. You ignored what I said and I still helped you. And now you want to report me for doing my job, exactly the way I was trained? Try it. I dare you. Good luck, and merry fucking Christmas.

I walked away then, straight to my supervisor, and told her what had happened. The woman came in later and tried to pull the same shit with my supervisor, who told her if she ever came in again, my supervisor would have her nicely escorted out for harassing an employee.

-Self Scan Queen



Well that explains why my local supermarket never has anyone monitoring the self-serve checkouts. Clearly they can't find anyone willing to put up with nonsense like that. It's always a gamble at the self checkout. Will you get out more quickly because there's no line and therefore no chance of some check writing dinosaur holding you up or will you be stuck there for 5 minutes after the ridiculous weight check thingy decides that your item isn't sitting just so and therefore you must be shop lifting? If you request cash back will the machine give you the correct cash or will it spit out some random amount then apologize and flash the little light until someone deigns to assist? Will it print out the name of the supermarket or the name of the register company on the receipt? OK so that last one doesn't hold me up but the uncertainly always adds a little something to the proceedings.

Price Check This, Jerk!

Tag switchers. I hate them. They'd come in and put 99 cent tags on $20.00 and expect to get away with it. Bull shit! I just rip the fake tags off and scan the right one carefully hidden underneath. Morons.

Burger Bitch

What a ridiculous twat.
Is it even legal to be that retarded?

I got that all the time at my last job, people bitching that the sign said Three Dollars for a fifty dollar item.
Especially at the self checkouts, they think they're less caring there, for some retarded reason.


Seriously. I'm with you there. I've been a Self checkout attendant for probably 3 years now and it is the worst. Because no one else wants to get trained on the self checkouts (I was unfortunate enough to be trained as I had experience from another store) I now am not entitled to any breaks because they never schedule someone else who knows how to operate them. Great. Now I have to deal with 4X the amount of retards ALL at once, and not even get a break??

Total bullshit. Good for you for telling her how it is!


The "this is illegal" crap gets old. As does the "I'm a lawyer and will sue you" really? now really? Do they really think that's gonna scare us hardened retail workers?


I almost never use the self check-outs simply because I'm afraid it will take away a job from a real person. Not to mention that one of the few times that I used it (and was doing JUST FINE) the self-check cashier offered to assist me even though my son was there to help me, we declined, she asked if she could pet my service dog, I said "NO", and she did it anyway when I turned back to finish scanning my groceries. I feel safer with a counter between me and the store personnel now.

I'm glad you stood up to the bitch though. My manager made it VERY clear when we first opened the new store that if a customer found a product in the wrong spot that they were not going to get it for the price of the spot. I think 95% of our items have their UPC's printed on them, and the ones that don't, we confirm before getting a lower price. So many people think they can bully their way with loud voices and bad attitudes, but if shop owners would just start standing up to them and not let them shop there, they would start running out of places to go and HAVE to change their attitude. I think businesses do everyone a disservice when they put up with shit like this.


Oh, one thing I forgot that I would like to see on those things... a VOLUME BUTTON!!!!! Unlike a lot of people, I am NOT DEAF and I can read and comprehend! If you want to start at the default decibel of a jackhammer, fine! But give me the option of lowering it by touch screen as soon as the transaction starts. Another reason I hate those stupid things.


Something that tag-switchers seem to forget: the video surveillance system SAW them switch the tag!


bwahahahaha hurray for your sup telling her off too! what a nasty fiend.


Hell yes!You go self scan queen-and hats off to your supervisor too!It's way past time retail slaves start calling out those nasty scam artists.


Another thing you can point out to these people when they say "I saw it over here under the sign for 99c" is that if they saw a pack of gum under a sign for $14.99, would they want to be paying that price?


Brava! They didn't have self-scan when I was in retail. This is probably a good thing.


from one self scan queen to another, bravo.


Pharmacy_psycho- Most Self checkouts have a volume button, It's just a simple matter of asking the attendant where it is. The unfortunate part is that not all of the machines are the same as many companies produce them differently. I'm glad you can admit to not liking them so you don't use them, instead of just trying to use it and yelling at it and the attendant because you are to frustrated.

Nothing bugs me more than when people inform me that self checkouts are taking away peoples jobs AS THEY ARE USING THE SELF CHECKOUT!!!! Uh, if you think it's such a big deal, why the eff are you supporting it by using it?! And what makes you think the attendant gives a crap about your opinion on it. I get paid to make sure you use it correctly and don't try to steal, not discuss the politics of it!!

Christine Beres

I love using the Self-Checkout as i've been in retail and don't do stupid shit like that. I know how to weigh by volume or item, I know how to key in codes, I know how to turn the volume down, I know how to keep it clean. I use the self-checkout so I don't have to wait in line behind custys and crustys all damn day, listening to them argue the price of ham. I have had to deal with idiots all my life, but i'm certainly not doing it when i'm not getting paid for it!

Shox R6 Shoes

shit up. Because apparently my six checkouts look like a trash can. Fuck no. I keep them clean. So stop leaving your fucking tissues on the machines. Gross.
Now, normally, I'm okay with this. I clean, I hold hands and babysit people who clearly need a lot of attention or are completely illiterate AND deaf at the same time, and I assist most times with a smile. (Unless you snap your fingers at me. Then

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