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Slaverant1 From Under Pressure:

I've worked at two different retail jobs. The first was a grocery store, where I worked for 2 years before I was (ridiculously) fired for a mistake. The second, and current job, is at everybody's favorite largest retailer, where I am about to reach 2 months of slavery.

Now, I'm a pretty nice person in general. I am a bit passive-aggressive though. Make me remove from your cart AND bag AND put back in the cart your 75+ item order all by myself when you're perfectly capable of doing it yourself, and you can guarantee I'm going to take my time about it. Allude to the fact that I must be pretty stupid if I'm working here, and I'll smile and politely let you know that you're trying to slide your driver's license through my debit card machine.

But some of the worst stories I have aren't about customers, they're about the other employees.

The grocery store, as most places do, had a policy against family members working above other family members, which they ignored for my older sister and me. There's a good reason for the rule though. Family members tend to have personal agendas.

My sister, for instance, saw her in charge of me as the "natural order of things" and would therefore insist that I call her for every little thing. When I didn't, since I knew very well how to do most things for myself, she would hover over me, making constant comments about my items per minute ratio, my failure to ask for donations, or my horrid bagging skills. And when I did call her for something that required a supervisor, she would loudly berate me for "playing around on the clock" and walk away without helping me.Portraita

My favorite story comes from the land of supercenters and what used to be a smiley face. I had been working there for less than two weeks, and it was my first day off so far. It had been a while since I last stood all day, so my legs, feet, and ankles were all incredibly sore.

I had fallen into bed early the night before, and was still asleep and planning on staying that way for a long time. 9 am, I get a phone call.

"Where are you?"

I try to come up with something rational to say, but being groggy, I can only come up with "ummm... bed?"

"This is your manager. You were supposed to be here an hour ago. Where are you?"

"I was told I have off today. I think... I can loo-"

"How soon can you be here?"

Considering I live 45 minutes away- "An hour, most likely."

"Hurry. Call when you're on the way." Click.

I spring out of bed, throw on my unwashed work clothes, that I was planning on washing later that day, drag my dad out of bed (I can't drive) and off we go.

On the way there, I try to call about 35 times before concluding that somethings wrong with the phones.

Finally, we get there. I walk in and locate the manager I talked to on the phone.

"Here's the schedule I was given. I'm not in the system yet, so it was handwritten by ___." (the person who writes the schedules)

He snatches it out of my hand. "What day is today?"

"The fourth."

"Second, third, fifth... you're right, you don't work today."

A CSM comments "I already put her in the system as a no show for the day."

The manager: "Alright, you can go home now."

Gee, thanks guys.

I was looking for the perfect chance to waste gas, time, and one of my absences.

I'll write again sometime with some of my stories about shoppers.

I've got some interesting ones there.




I hate when that happens! Although, I fight over the phone for my day off because I am not about to go into that insane rat race just because a manager read the schedule wrong. Unfortunately, once they changed the schedules without informing everyone and I had the day off. I went in not knowing anything and with a giant migraine and was about to go back home, but they worked me until closing time. RAWR!


They shouldn't be allowed to give you a mark on your attendance for that. Even my ruthlessly coldhearted company will let a "absence" slide if a manager changed the schedule without notifying the employee. And come to think of compnay doesa not employ anyone by the name of my company truly is ruthless...ha.


Try this next time they desparately need you to come in on your day off;"oh sorry I'm way too busy to make it in."when managers are as stupid and rude as this idiot was,just remember you don't owe him/her ONE EXTRA THING.Do what is in your job descrition and nothing else.How's that for passive-aggressive?


That happened to me a couple weeks ago- and my manager was not happy when I said it was my day off on the weekly schedule. And I refused to come when she asked me to come in anyways- amd when they tried to insist, I hung up.
I've been there for quite a few years, never moved up and have bent over backwards only to get kicked down.


Ain't it amazing? More often than not, the person who CAUSED the manpower shortage doesn't even get a slap on the wrist. But the person who drops everything to SOLVE the shortage gets bitched at all day long! Just ask Dante...


When it is my day off, everything goes to Voice Mail. I don't care how many times someone calls. The next day I go in, when they ask why I didn't call back, I will just say that I received so many calls from one number that I thought it was a prank call. Works really well if they refuse to leave a message.

A day off is holy, I don't care if all one does is stand in the yard all day and let the snow gather on them. It is a day off, and it is not going to be interrupted.


We had that happen two weeks ago, I was in the office making signs( I'm a cashier) and a carryout pointed out that the noon bagger Bobby was late, we looked at the schedual and we see that 12-6 was penciled in on top of the 8 to midnight shift he had for the day. Originally he is just a floor guy, who does bagging every once and awhile. Luyckily we got ahold of him and he came in. My husband (also the manager for that day) pointed out that it wasn't originally on the schedual so Bobby (name change) can't get in trouble for not comming in on time. Bobby came into the office VERY upset about not being notified. We both told him that we were sorry, but he had to talk to the manager who scheduals. But we both agreed that was totally messed up on the other managers part....the thing's the store manager and he pulls stuff like that all the time then he would say things like "what's your primary job?" or his excuse would be that we should check the schedual every day. :/ messed up...I told Bobby to talk to the union if it becomes a problem...

It Rhymes With Fig Plots

@ Under Pressure,

Yeah, same crap happened to me all the time when I used to work for a craptastic, Walmart wannabe store. Managers and co-workers were worse than the customers....and the customers were pretty awful. (Heavy meth neighborhood)


You guys are scaring me! I guess I've been really fortunate. I used to occasionally forget and go in an hour late on Saturdays when I was still working part time at the pet store because it was an hour earlier than my regular time. My manager was still pretty reasonable then though. I guess its because I have had to work set hours with the kids. That may have made the difference.

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