Retail Siblings and Lame Managers
New Years Custys Behaving Badly



i have seen the cashiers do this to prevent spoilage. after custy reject


I work at a "major retail store" and even if custys put items in the fridge, we still have to throw them out. Once a cold, frozen, (or even hot cooked) item is removed from the display, we must claims it. Management says it prevents tampering.


Wow Katie, I will keep that in mind if I ever shop at a major retailer and remember to make sure to put my food all the way back in the case it came from and not to hand it to a cashier if I decide I don't want it in the end. That seems awfully wasteful. I sure hope that means that one time my groceries had to go back due to a glitch means they didn't have to dump them all. I'll be heartsick just thinking about it.


I work in a supermarket, and we end up with plenty of cold 'dump' which has to be run back pretty much immediately, but still, I'm kind of grateful to the customers for at least having enough courtesy to place it in a fridge. It also allows me to kill some time running it back to where it's supposed to go.

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