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Carolanne 062a - What's almost the worst that can happen to a business?

If you guessed "power outage", you would be right.

It was about 7:00pm when the lights flickered but did not go out completely. We weren't very busy because the weather was nasty with a mix of rain and sleet.

I had a pretty decent card order I had made out, I had filled the balloons with the last of the helium, and all that was left was to front the store. It was going to be really slow and the assistant manager had almost considered sending me home because of it.

We waited a few seconds to see if the lights were all going to come back on, but they didn't. It was weird because some of the lights worked, some of the register functions worked, some of the doors worked, and some of the outside lights worked, but others wouldn't... almost like a brown-out.

I kept waiting to hear a custy have a screaming fit because we couldn't take debit cards, only credit cards and cash. Our registers just weren't functioning correctly. In addition, the cashiers were having to key everything in by hand. Nothing. Not one irate customer had a breakdown because of the power outage!

Granted, it only lasted about an hour, but people were very understanding, very accommodating and we didn't have one argument!

Just as I was leaving, the power was fully restored and the possibility that people CAN be human when the unexpected happens once again has been proven. May it grow and prosper!



Jaded ExRetail Slave

Wow! We had computer malfunction that ran from Friday into Saturday. All we could take was cash. We posted signs at eye level on every door and made announcements every 10 minutes and people were still shocked when we explained we could only take cash at the registers. Not one ounce of understanding at all. Our fault. Fix it now! I was so glad to be out of there. But you were blessed. I swear all the psycho custys come to my store.


Many years ago my first retail experience was with a (now defunct) big box catalog showroom we'll call 'Mervis Searchendise'. All our registers had an 'emergency power outage kit' so we could keep ringing orders if the power went out. It contained manual register forms, pens, a tax table to figure out sales tax, and a calculator.

One day the power did go out, and except for the feeble emergency lights, it was pitch black because as a big box, there were no windows other than the front entrance and exit doors. All the department cashiers broke out their emergency kits, only to find that ALL THE CALCULATORS WERE SOLAR POWERED!!! Apparently HQ did this so we wouldn't have to concern ourselves with dead batteries.

As I worked in the department that carried calculators, we had a sudden rush of cashiers frantic for our display case of non-solar models. Luckily when the lights came back on we were able to get all the displays back. Needless to say we never used the emergency kits again.


When the power goes out, we have to kick all the customers out of the store until they come back on. I pray for power outages. Except when I have film going through.


You were lucky at the outbreak of reasonable beings in your store.

The best power outage I had was on a bright summer's day. Three hours of not serving customers, just reading outside, drinking cool drinks on the clock. Best. Workday. Ever. Now I hope for the power to go out whenever I'm having a stressful day. Hasn't happened.


My store has an emergency kit for power outages. It's a plastic box containing 2 flashlights, a calculator (Mcarp, now I have to find out whether it's solar powered!), and a couple pencils. It's kept safely in the locked office on a shelf so high I would need to put a step stool on the desk to reach the shelf. I hope we don't have any emergencies.


One day the power was in a brown out state all day. The register computers worked, the conveyor belts didn't. The heat didn't work so eventually us cashiers got to put on our winter coats. All the perishable products were either put in the stores freezer in the back room or covered up with card board or plastic. It may have been cold but the atmosphere with the dimmed lights and less than normal customers was fantastic.


You got lucky! I always quite liked power cuts once we got the customers out but there were always a few who insisted that they could shop in the dark. One time the power went out during a nasty storm, high winds and the rain pelting down. Half the customers stood outside so they would be the first in when we reopened. Once we covered the freezers and so on we just sat around snacking on the food from the demo counter and feeling vaguely uncomfortable due to the customers standing in the pouring rain peering at us through the glass. I remember one guy who came back in after the power had been out for over an hour and then freaked out because we'd removed the frozen stuff from his carriage and put it back in the freezers.


I've been lucky enough to not have a power outage, but I swear, the IT department at our university loves to fuck with the internet, causing us so many problems with the registers...arrrgh. But I'm jealous that you got well behaved people!

Burger Bitch

That's crazy, we had a power outage and since the fan obviously couldn't work, we had to get everyone out because of the smoke.
So many people bitched and wanted their money back.

Hey, fuckface, the power is out therefore we can't exactly open the cashes.
Which I understand is retarded, but still.

I got sent home early because of it, it was the day after MJ died so I was like


I guess I should explain that a car had hit a power pole and a lot of the businesses were experiencing power problems. Maybe they had already tried Burger King or Dunkin Donuts and had problems there. Whatever it was, I'm not complaining!

On the way home, I had to be re-routed around the accident scene. It just so happens I only know how to get from my house to work. I don't know any of the back streets. By then it was a full-on snowstorm and I couldn't see where I was going, nor did I know where I was. I finally had to stop and get my GPS out to find my way home because I ended up in a condo complex. Thank heavens for GPS!


I've been in the grocery store twice during sudden power outages (just as a shopper). The first time we were almost done shopping, and had to hurry up and finish because they could only keep a couple registers going with the generator. The second time we hadn't even started yet, we were sitting in the cafe having coffee when the lights all went out. Somebody actually screamed when the lights went out (WTF??)

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