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Blogskull47 From Rhiannon:

Hey, I found this website in a drunken stupor a few nights back and got here by clicking on random websites until the internet gods got bored and dumped me here to entertain myself.

I used to work at a supermarket here in the UK as a professional chicken cooker. :) Basically I worked on "oven fresh" and although I didn't get accosted by custys on the shop floor (I rarely strayed out from behind my protective counter) people seemed to leave their brains in a basket on the floor before talking to me.

I had one woman point at a chicken breast (in a big metal tray, with about 5 other chicken breasts) and ask what it was.

I stared at her and said "'s a chicken breast" the sign in front of it says, numbnuts.

She then said "oh...whats that one then?" and pointed to ANOTHER CHICKEN BREAST IN THE SAME GODDAMN TRAY.

"....that's a chicken breast as well."

*                *                *

We mainly sold plain chickens (on white papers), but we also had extra-tasty ones (on orange papers) and garlic chickens (on yellow papers). Some moron woman asked for a chicken and specifically said she wanted the one at the back on the yellow paper (this is important).

So I hoiked it out and bagged it up, stuck it on the ticket machine to get the sticker and rang it up as a garlic chicken.

The moron then said "Oh! it's garlic? I didn't want garlic, I wanted plain! why did you give me a garlic one?"

I glared at her and was mentally screaming "You wanted the one on the yellow paper! There is a fucking sign in front saying garlic chicken! I don't put the chickens on different colored paper to make my goddamn counter look pretty you halfwit!" Blogskull43

*                *                *

We had an idiot manager as well, who never once pronounced my name right.

My name's Rhiannon and said so on my nametag (eventually - the first 2 nametags were spelled wrong, and I had to argue with the daft bitch in personnel that I knew how my own damn name was spelled).

He would always call me Rhianna, no matter how many times I corrected him (I know it's not a huge difference, but its my name dammit).

He came over one day trying to be the "big boss" in front of the new manager and asked, "Rhianna, have you put any chickens in the oven, you're running out on the counter."

Before I could say "Yes, if you would turn your fat head 10 degrees to the left, you would see 3 damn ovens behind me, full of fucking chickens."

The conversation went like this:

Cool Manager: Rhiannon.

Fuckwit Manager: what?

Cool Manager: Rhiannon. She's called Rhiannon. It says so on her nametag. There's an N at the end, not an A.

Fuckwit Manager: *mutterssomethingincomprehensibleandfucksoff*

I then transferred to a different store where I was on the salad bar, so I didn't have to deal with people at all and could hide round the corner where they couldn't get at me.

Thankfully I got out of Retail Hell and now work in a care home, where even the residents on the psychiatric unit are more reasonable than the general public :)

peace out,





Named after the song?

Magical Shrimp

One of my two best friends is named Rhiannon. No one can say it right when I mention her name, so I imagine being the actual owner of the name is all kinds of fun. I don't see what's so complicated about it, but then, I'm not an idiot.


At my summer job in the summer school I had a little girl with that name. It took me forever to get it right but that's because the teacher spelled it wrong on her name tags. All three of them. Three different ways. She was adorable (in the face anyway)... But was definitely hell spawn.


My name is unusual, and when I first met my ex, he apparently misunderstood my name. We were dating long distance, so I was writing and calling him. After a couple of weeks, it became obvious that things were heading the right direction and he came back to stay with my family over the weekend. When it became more obvious that things were going to keep going, he once again mispronounced my name and I finally told him, "Listen, if we are going to have any kind of relationship, you're going to have to get my name right!" We were married almost 24 years.


My daughter's name is Rhiannon. I have met three women in my 33 and a half years with the name. And most people, when I say it, will automatically repeat back "Oh, Rhianna" or "Breanna". No, if you would listen to me, you daft tit, there's an N! Anyway, beautiful name, I'm glad I'm not the only one that has ever heard of it.


I know the feeling. :P Doesn't help that I have a really quiet voice so nobody ever seems to fail at mispronouncing my name at first. I always, always, always get 'Rhianna'. Or 'Fiona'. (How does Rhiannon sound like FIONA? Honestly!)

Plus, because my parents are sadists (kidding), it's paired with an apparently hard-to-pronounce surname. I had one teacher for FOUR YEARS who never learnt how to pronounce my name. Sigh.


my mum was reading the Mabinogion while she was pregnant and named me from that :P i've given up now and just answer to any variations, coz i'm sick and tired of having to correct people lol


I've always thought that's one of the most beautiful names in the world! Nobody listens, though. I think it's partly a control thing and that's why your manager mumbled and took off when the other manager called him on it. I work with a lovely woman nameed Ralphine and for a while we had a really dumb manager who always called her "Ray-pheen" (she never pronounced the L). FOR TWO YEARS. Names are important, it's insulting and rude to work with someone every day and mispronounce their name every single time.


my supervisor at the supermarket was a complete tool as well - for 3 months she wrote my name down wrong on the rota (as Rhianna), until one day i was in a foul mood, ripped the rota down and sharpied my name in huge letters on it (spelled correctly). Literally 10 mins later, she came over and laughingly said "oh! have i been spelling ur name wrong?" took all my control not to say " yes, for the past 3 MONTHS WOMAN". Then she went on to say "when i first started, the manager kept calling me Lyn, and i said to him 'i was christened Lynda'"...i glared at her and said "well i was christened Rhiannon"...she never said my name again after that, and just said "hey you" lol

Deli brat (Rheannon)

Rhiannon, My name is Rheannon...and I too work in a supermarket...and I to cook chicken. My manager still calls me "Breanna"......I've been there for two years. But a box girl starts with the name RhIannon and they automatically pronounce it


it's ridiculous! Both Rhiannon and Rheannon are pretty much pronounced phonetically - I don't mind if people can't pronounce it after reading it, but when you ask my name and I'm standing in front of you saying "Rhiannon...Rhiannon...Rhiannon" like a broken record, at least have the decency to listen properly! ><

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