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Blogskull47 Hi there!
This isn't a horror customer but rather horror customer service. 

Today I went to a certain restaurant and I was NOT "lovin' it!"  I ordered an angus burger with bacon.

The cashier asked me, "oh you mean a bacon cheese angus burger?"

I said "Oh, no thanks, I don't want cheese on it, just bacon"

To which she rudely replied "Ma'am, no. Your choices are a bacon cheese burger or a regular angus burger."

Me: "Uhhh...ok.  I'll have a bacon cheese angus burger without cheese."

This goes back and forth a few times, and finally she heaves a huge sigh, and punches something in the computer.

I get my burger, I leave and go home.

Open it up and see cheese melted all over my burger. 

No bacon.






Wow. Those are the times you wish you could hit people and NOT get in trouble. :\


Get a copy of Fast Food Nation, go back in and order a soda, then sit there and read it in clear view of all behind the counter including this woman. Every so often gasp or make a revolted face, maybe even throw in a "oh dear god no!" if you're so inclined. Glancing at others eating the food and looking queasy is good too. I've done that a few time at different branches just for giggles and it makes half the kitchen grind to a halt to watch you. One time I had a manager come out and sit at the table across from me with some paperwork to make it look like he wasn't just watching me. He was so just watching me, guess he thought I was some crazy animal rights terrorist coming in to bomb the shake machine


And thats when you call and complain. I always check the burgers to make sure they got them right. It is apparently hard to make a plain burger when 2-3 others are not.

Timekeeper's Twit

I don't eat cheese either, and for some reason no matter where I go this is a hard concept. I don't know why.

Either way, this woman was a bitch.


Either she was new, or she was stupid.

If she was new, it's forgivable...once.

If she was stupid, then there is no bloody reason to return to that store.

Burger Bitch

The McDonald's here is ridiculous.
My friend and I closed the other night, so after work we decided to grab some food afterwards.
I got a chicken snack wrap and a small fry.
When I asked for some mayo for my fries, the girl sighed loudly and handed me some.
The fries were stone cold as was my snack wrap.
My friend ordered a big mac with extra sauce and she asked for pickles on the side, they straight up told her No, she could not have pickles on the side.
Why? Donno, she just couldn't. =/


@ N/A: Why would you do that? Those workers have nothing to do with the horrors that happen in the food industry except for the fact that they get $7/h to sell it.


Honestly, I could see this as the person being stupid more than anything. Having worked at mcd, I would get pretty ticked when customers would treat me like I was an idiot because the rest of the workers they encountered would do stupid things like get confused when they are asked to add something to a drive thru order or... well, when they're asked to add or subtract anything from an order.

Timekeeper's Twit

I went to McD's yesterday and asked for two honey mustard snack wraps a fry and a drink. I even held my fingers out when I said "two" ( habit I picked up from the watch counter because people don't understand "two year warranty" unless I do) and I asked for no cheese. I dunno if the girl was new or what. If she was it is more forgivable, but first after looking at me as if I was crazy asking for the kind I asked for she had to ask someone how to ring it in. Then when my husband and I got our order I found she only put in an order for one, and that it had cheese on it. ( I had a picky bitch moment and checked it at the counter and checked it before I left.)The guy was nice and got me a new one so I didn't complain, but still...


Well, sometimes it all works out. I was craving the arches the other day for lunch and dinner at work, and got three Happy meals, two cheeseburger/apples/milk and one nuggets/fries/soda. I also asked for no boxes, could we pack it all in a bag? (I was gonna juggle three boxes on the bus? I think not.) I also wanted 3 different toys, if possible, and a hot sauce for the nugs. Yeah, I was a pain, but it was early, there were NO other customers on line and I had plenty of time. I would NEVER ask for such a thing if there were others waiting, or if I was in a rush. And it all worked out, they were very nice, very understanding, and I got my fix. Win all around.


I've never worked in fast food, but from these stories I suspect part of the problem is that the cash registers are all programmed for certain things, so if you want something different and it's not on the register, they don't know what to do.


I have worked fast food, much to my regret. The registers are simple for anyone with an IQ much above moss, and common sense.

To change an item all you have to do is highlight it, hit the Edit/Special Order button, and know what a + and a - sign looks like.

Of course, that assumes that the person on the register can read, something which is becoming less common every year ( Go Public Schools!).


I had my local mcdonalds give me two burgers without bottom buns. That's right, box, meat, cheese, top bun. Needless to say the burger got stuck to the box. I filed a complaint on their website and the location manager called me the next day and I got two free meals. I wasn't nasty about it, I said that I was sure it was a mistake and that the cook was probably distracted by the medvac helicopter in their parking lot, but my meal was ruined. Anyone that has a problem like that could do the same. I didn't ask for anything, I just wanted to let them know they messed up in hopes that it doesn't happen again to someone that is not as nice as me!


I went into my local Jack in the Crack to grab breakfast on the way to work. They were SLAMMED, orders were running behind, everyone was doing their headless chicken routine, and the manager pops his head in, asks how they're doing then hauled ass to his office before he even got an answer. Got to work - and my order was wrong.

Did I email them to bitch at them for screwing up my order or the 10-minute wait for a pre-made fruit cup that was in a fridge behind the counter? No.

I emailed and bitched at their GM who couldn't get off his lazy ass and help his employees when he was quite OBVIOUSLY cost-cutting by understaffing his restaurant. I told them I had worked for Jack before, knew their system and requirements on wait times and how abysmally behind they had been. I also said it was clear he had zero clue about when his rushes fell during the day or he wouldn't be trying to run the place with only 3 people at 7:30 in the morning when he was located next to a MAJOR commuter freeway and that a "good" manager wasn't afraid to lead by example by pitching in when they got in the weeds. Oh, and BTW, they got my order wrong, but given the fact that they had a DT that was stacked out to the street, and a full parking lot, I wasn't surprised or terribly upset - since it was clear the staff was rather stressed trying to deal with it all.

The next time I went in a few weeks later, it was the lunch rush - and their GM was running all over the restaurant, helping take orders, setting up the DT orders, making drinks, etc. Orders were going out in half the time, the DT line was actually moving and the employees didn't look like they'd gladly take a .38 to the temple to escape.


No cheese is such a difficult concept to grasp for some places. I must have ordered close to 100 pizzas from our local domino's and they're always cheeseless but most of the time we get a phone call checking. If I order by phone we go through it a few times and I think it's all good but 5 minutes later we get a phone call checking it's right. If you order online you need to uncheck the cheese box and then shoot down a pop up window that asks if you're sure you don't want cheese. I still get a call asking if I'm sure I don't want cheese.

I had a waitress at 'tuccis try to talk me out of getting my sandwich without cheese a few months back too. She said it would be too dry and I wouldn't like it and it would be tasteless. It's fried eggplant with about a cup of sauce on the side. If anything it's moister without cheese! A few months before I had the same server and she telling me all the things my son wouldn't like. She didn't think he'd like tomato sauce on his pasta, she triple checked that he was sure he wouldn't rather have milk than juice, and she brought over butter because "little ones don't like the dipping oil." That was apparently the final straw for my then 3 year old because he picked up his bread, dipped it in the oil, said "mmm, tasty!" while looking her in the eye then shoved it in his mouth.


N/A: Gawd, I hate when poeple think they know what you will like and won't like, especially when it comes to kids! Like you don't know what your kid will like, you're with him 24/7 since he was born, and the waitress who's seen him for 5 seconds knows better. Sheesh.

I would just bring over what they asked for, how bloody hard is that?

Not Perfect

N/A: in situations like that, I like to give the server the benefit of the doubt, and assume she's being overcautious as a result of a bad "why didn't you tell me this before??" type of custy .


The thing with most fast food places (Mcdonalds etc.) the server isn't the one making the food, even when it is punched in properly by the cashier, there can be stupid idiots in the kitchen that cannot make the burger properly, or don't read the grill slip so when the server gives the food to the customer, and it's not correctly made then it's the server/cashier that gets bitched at. I had a lady one time who ordered a burger without lettuce and I went to get her burger and the grill slip said 'no lettuce' so I assumed no lettuce (as you cannot unwrap the packaging to look, and it was rather busy) I handed her the burger, turned around to make a drink and when I turned back to the cashier the lady THREW the burger at me, it hit me, then screamed THIS. HAS. LETTUCE. then muttered about ME being an idiot.. uugh.


I ordered a cheeseburger from Mcdonalds once and when I got home and opened it, there was no burger patty. Bread, pickles, onions, cheese and ketchup, but no meat. That still makes me laugh to this day when I think about it.


@natasha people totally order that ALL the time at my drive-thru! it tripped me up the first time it happened cause i was like "wut?!". its usually this one lady buying cheeseburger happy meals for her kids...without the burger part lol

Former Theater Slave

I feel bad for fast food workers because the training is usually shitty, and the managers and supervisors can't be bothered to actually supervise the newbies and make sure they're doing all right. I worked at McD's and I was basically just thrown in front of a register without any training. I completely froze, and got yelled at for not knowing what to do. it was my first job! not that she'd bothered to ask about that. she must have assumed I'd worked before because of my age.

Anyway, have mercy on them, because the training in food service blows. they get an hour or two in front of a computer and then they're thrown to the wolves, sometimes with an impatient supervisor who really isn't helpful.


I can't eat cheese either, and ALWAYS have to make sure cheese isn't added (or that it is detracted) from my food purchases. (Some places like to add cheese to salads. Ewwww.) I get my orders right maybe 3 out of 5 times. ACK!

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