Bad Retail Slave Encounter
Grocery Store Checkout Rules For Custys

Customer Rejects


From Heather: "I witnessed piggy reject firsthand yesterday while picking up a few things. Usually, I see the normally missplaced odds and ends, but 1 cherry tomato and a small piece of broccoli? Haha. What the?"



Reject Custy: I's gonna gets me some vegge-bobblez and starts some healthy eatins!

*grabs single tomoato and a sprig of borccoli*

"Well I figure this be the most I could beat to choke down thisa week."

*heads to checkout*

"OOooOOooh! CANDY!"

*dumps veggies and grabs a Mounds Bar*

Self Scan Queen

Well, at least there were no half-eaten plums or something. Definitely not a fun thing to find out upon picking it up.

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