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Hell Spawn Attack At Walmart


From Hiedi:

Yesterday was my day off from work and I went to do some shopping at Walmart and...the enclosed photo is what I found in one of the aisles.

I went to the two poor retail slaves and said I am SO sorry you have to clean up after some jerk. The poor slave, who was pissed said it what I saw was the doing of a black lady's two  children.  They were being little turds, running up and down screaming and being brats and she just ignored them.  I told her I was so, so sorry that some people are unable to parent their kids.




Book Whore

I would've blacked out on their asses. I would've woke up in a jail cell, not understanding why I was there.

Book Whore

Another note...being black myself I definitely would've blacked out on the mother for sure...tee hee pun intended ;)


I would have cried if that happened at my store, especially if I has just faced that aisle.


makes you want to put rail guard at kid level..


..had, not has. Oh, why do I post at 3am?

Hellbound Alleee

I thought we were supposed to be blaming the Armenians now.


Wow, I'm almost speechless. Almost, I think I can manage a "holy crap, please tell me that woman and her hellions were banned!"


(8-O Holy shit Batman! If I had seen that lady and her kids, it wouldn't ever be my dog they would have to worry about. She's mellow and well trained to handle every kind of crazy person. I'm not! You can bet I would have given her a piece of my mind because apparently, she doesn't HAVE one! AAAARGH!


Oh my GOD. I would have gotten fired that day, no doubt. I would have flipped the fuck out on that family, and I wouldn't have cared who was listening or watching. That's absolutely ridiculous. And I thought my disasters were bad! Ugh. I want to cry and quit for you, you poor thing! That whole family should be slapped.

Burger Bitch

... An Earthquake wouldn't have caused as much damage!
Holy Jesus, Mary and Ringo!


Holy fucking shit


Holy shit! I would have lost it! I would have told her and her beastly children to clean up their mess or get the HELL out of my store before I called security and had them removed. And yes, my GM and at least one of my managers would have stood behind me on that shit. Seriously, people leave messes all over my store and think we're a library and I just deal, but I HAVE lost it on assholes I've caught with an entire case of books on the floor around them.


Holy fucking shit! That mom needs a punch to the face. Or two. Or twenty! If I'd been there, even as a customer, I would have flipped the hell out on that bitch!


That aisle's seven care pile-up quality wreck makes Chile look like a goddamn fender bender.


No kidding Logan. If my kid so much as knocks over one box or messes up the facing I make him fix it. I give parents a little slack because sometimes they're not going to notice one or two small transgressions, particularly if they're herding multiple kids, but you couldn't possibly fail to notice that.

Malmart Peon

This is why I support leash kids.


Sucky, sucky, sucky. My mom would have kicked my ass right there and then. Totally irrelevant adjective - black lady. Who cares what color the lady is? Her kids are fucking slobs. She could have stripes, her kids are still fucking slobs.

Postal Slave

One day that generation, will rule the population.



ugh, i hate parents like that.

i also hate parents who spell their children's names wrong. wtf, hiedi?


Can you imagine what their house looks like!!!

I would've made her and the kids pick up every fuckin box and put them exactly where they belong then I would've told her that they are banned from the store for life !!!


I remember when I first started working in grocery retail, I had a customer say to me that people should control their kids, and that if one more child run into with a shopping cart, he was going to make them shit on themselves. He was a former retail slave, i'm sure if he had to clean this up, he would've lost his job that day.

BORDERline Personality

holy living fuck! that is unbe-fucking-lievable! my eyelid started twitching when i saw that pic! that sloven twat should have been arrested for that shit! id like to buy the poor bastard(s) who had to clean that up a drink, or two, or ten.....


How is the ethnicity of the mom relevant to this story?

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