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Walfartb From Gayboy color:

My biggest issue from my last job is co-workers and of course the ever tyrannous Customers. I worked at the local North Dakota Wal-fart's lawn and garden center (I had applied for an electronics position so they decided to put me out of my element i guess.) Where I did everything from Cashier to Floor 'associate'/errand boy. A few of my co-workers where amazing, The kind of people that would make you laugh even at the worst of times to make you feel better then offer to help with your shift.

But a fair amount of the folks in the garden center including my old CSM or 'Customer service manager' were lying blood thirsty creatures talking behind each others backs. Personally I tried to stay out of their way so they left me alone most times unless someone tried to blame me for something. But the CSM and customers got really bad from around February till the time I quit/was fired in November.

Now I'm not sure what this is worth to you readers out there but I'm gayer then a two dollar bill and that isn't something I show in public or even privately most times. The kind that when someone finds out the don't believe it unless they see proof because I just don't act it in the slightest bit. (Probably from the years I've hidden that fact because of the negative media and mindset.) and around February last year they where working on adding gays to a protected list up here in North Dakota.

Up until that point people like me could be fired from our jobs (Like I had been from my last job) or evicted from apartments or other such things just because we where gay. And apparently that made every person think there anti gay opinions suddenly needed to be told to every other random person who was forced to listen (I.E. The poor slaves running the register required to ask "How are you today?" even if we didn't care to hear them spout the same non-sense as the last customer.)

So every day of that month I endured people insulting what I was and telling me people like me didn't deserve to be treated equally because of a 'choice' we made, and comparing us to child molesters or rapists, even though they had no idea that I was gay.

Back to the story, at some point my CSM found out I was gay either he caught a glimpse of me out with a guy (Which in itself is a very rare occasion since they are so hard to find around here), or one of my friends went running their mouth. Either way it felt like he made it his personal mission to make my life miserable by any means necessary (But for some reason never told my co-workers or they never believed him).

Everything from skipping out on his work leaving it for me (Since he was morning shift i was closing shift) or saying things under his breath when he walked past me. Between him and every other 'self righteous' custy, and their hell spawn with poisoned minds, I came home and cried. Godzillmart

Eventually the law passed and we where given a few rights up here in the frozen north but that didn't halt my CSM's insults and stuff. I filed numerous harassment reports but management never acknowledge them in any way. Even though the company CBL training program said sexuality was protected, the written rules and harassment forums with information conveniently left sexual preference off the list of things associates can be punished for apparently.

Eventually I had to stop showing up because I couldn't deal with that anymore and a short while later they informed me I was fired.

To this day they never took any action and I was informed said CSM quit and moved on to a bigger better job still as a Customer service person. (Hopefully he has to deal with a level of customer hell unbeknown to anyone before.)

Now don't take me wrong I'm not saying North Dakota is a horrible place full of bigots and hate, aside from everything it's still a wonderful place with many wonderful people. It's just the assholes always have a louder voice.

Good day and have a good rest of the week.

--Gayboy color



Awe, I'm so sorry that had to happen to you =( People can be really, truly awful. I hope he gets harassed by customers who insult him all day and gets a taste of his own medicine.

Off-track a little bit but I always loved the American phrase "gayer than a two dollar bill" as in Canada we actually did used to have two dollar bills (changed to a two dollar coin in the mid-nineties). I love our gay money ^^


The phrase is actually "queer as a three-dollar bill". We had (have?) two-dollar bills in the US, there's nothing particularly odd about them.

Hellbound Alleee

Honey, you need to get your butt to Minneapolis-St Paul or another of the nearer metropolises, where you can work in relative peace without people giving a crap that you're gay, or at least where you can identify gay coworkers who aren't in the closet.

There's just no reason to "not act that way." That's ridiculous! No one should be forced to hide who they really are! You know what you end up doing when you try to behave in a way that isn't you? You're doing drag! Butch drag is drag all the same. Whose braver--a femme guy who is open around hostile people, or a straight guy who doesn't hate gays, but makes fun of them around his friends to appear butch? It's clear which one is the real sissy.

My advice is exactly the same as Dan Savage's. Get the hell out of Minot or wherever you are and get thee to the city! I PROMISE that in the city, you'll be up to your eyeballs in gay guys! There will be so many you can actually pick which ones are actually nice and/or attractive! (I speak as a queer ex-small-towner.) As a bonus, retail establishments will have a larger percentage of gays and lesbians and transgenders than the general population.

And I hope you listen to the Savage Love podcast because it's a really comforting/informative show.


I will never understand this mindset. My mother and I do not see eye to eye on 99% of things, but the one thing she taught me was to accept "the package", not "the wrapping". She was right, and I have had some fantastic (albeit strange) friends. My workplace (in theory, although we so far haven't had to test it in our store) has a 100% acceptance/no harassment policy. If anyone has a problem with the gay guy in our store (I'm so stupid, I didn't even know for 4 months). I've never heard it. No one has had any problem with me sitting due to my disability either. This is a corporate policy.

The more I hear about Wal-fart, the madder I get. Its made me wish I could return everything I ever bought from them. Now that you're here though, you're among friends. :-)


My goodness, I am so sorry people are so stupid and ignorant. I thought that crap only happened here in the south. I thought the northern states were much more tolerant of that sort of thing.
You shouldn't have to hide who you are at all! Be proud that you are you, that is truer than true. No one alive is youer than you! (Yes, I quoted Dr. Suess).
Other countries around the globe are so accepting of other ways of life, America needs to jump on board and stop being retards.

Magical Shrimp

Ugh, remind me never to visit North Dakota! That kind of shit makes me foam at the mouth and I'd find it hard to try and ignore. Even up here in Canada there are still some people (I suspect most are on the older end of the scale) who have a problem with GLBT folks, but you can bet discrimination like you endured would have been taken very seriously.


Imagine how amazing life would be if you didn't hide your true self from anyone... Now do it!!! Seriously, move to the city. Any city with a good gayborhood. There are so many places out there that embrace diversity. I don't condone the behavior of your coworkers or general public where you live. I didn't even know that until recently a person could be fired, evicted or such for being gay in some places. You have to stand up for yourself, though. Don't be the victim. YOU take control and get the fuck outta dodge. It's easier than you would think. Be the wonderful person you are without fear. Allow yourself to grow. Find love. Find life! Sorry if I'm a little forward, but don't waste your life away when there is so much else out there for you. And it's waiting for you with open arms and a big fat loving smile.


The more I hear about Walmart, the more ill I become that I *ever* shopped there. UGH.

I really hope you find someplace in your life, whether it's in your town or somewhere else, where you can be exactly who you are and be accepted without reservation. No one should have to go through life feeling like a second-class citizen.


Discrimination is Discrimination no matter what excuse someone hides behind. The higher up's were clearly in the wrong and they were very lucky you choose not to pursue it further.

Why we can't all act like mature human beings to each other is beyond me. *shakes head*

I have a dream. . . .


I have never understood the whole anti-gay thing.

Everyone on the planet, unless they are, as George Carlin once put it, Good Old Fashioned Man On Top Get It Over With Quick types, does something sexual that someone, somewhere, will find disgusting, immoral. or just plain weird.

I guess it's true what they say, everyone needs someone to feel superior to. Assbags really need to just get the fuck over it.


My sister lived in ND for, I think, eight years. She met some nice folks but she said people are pretty conservative up there. Don't let the idiots get you down! There are lots of places where people will embrace you for who you are. I know it's hard to move away if that's where you grew up, but it's a wide world. Good luck to you!


You're a wonderful and brave person to put up with all that day after day. I don't think I could have handled having a job that made me cry every day. There's nothing wrong with being gay; like being Hispanic, black, white, etc. or being a girl or guy--you're born that way and nothing can change it. More power to you for living your life the way you want and I hope things get better for you (and for everyone, one day.) I wish you all the best and all the happiness you deserve. :)

Gayboy Color

Thanks for all the kind words and support. Yeah, I was born and raised here in this city so its hard to leave. Ive tried a few times but financial issues or home sickness brought me back. MY ex McDonald's Manager was bisexual and still hangs out with me. She keeps saying when she gets a day off she is going to drag me to the cities and visit the gay bars there.


@ Mimi.

Don't go shouting Conservative on this. I'm one of the most conservative people you are ever likely to meet, and homosexuals don't bother me in the slightest. I've met some that I couldn't stand...roughly the same ratio as of so-called "Normal" people that I didn't care for.

Of course, I believe in the whole " All Men are created Equal" thing, as well as everyone's right to live life however they see fit. ( Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, ya know.)

Mouse Mastered

thankfully the company is actually one of the most gay-friendly employers in the world. We offer the same benefits for domestic partners as we do for married couples, regardless of sexuality. Not to mention disney is the "unofficial" (meaning they don't endorse it, mostly to not drive away the family crowd, but they allow it to happen) place for what's known as gay days down here, in june. We sell all sorts of rainbow-themed merchandise, and I'd wager that a healthy percentage of all cast members are a member of the LGBT community, myself included (I'mma B).

I hope you can find a place that is accepting of you and your lifestyle so you don't have to deal with this shit. As a bisexual lad in high school in Texas, I understand your plight. I didn't come out of the closet to my own parents until I was 21.

Timekeeper's Twit

People's ignorance never ceases to amaze me.

I don't know if there is much more I could say than has already been said here. That manager really needs to get his head out of his ass and realize the world is a changing/growing place. You my dear, need to find your happiness. The moment you feel like you have to hide who you really are is the moment you let assholes like him win. Don't let it happen!

Those who love you will love you for who you really are.


I just hear people going, "I never knew."

I hope you didn't think I was coming off as though my co-worker was seriously hiding something. He wasn't. Neither was a friend of mine that I was friends with for over a year (I wish I could find her, she is an amazing artist). I just don't think of people in those terms. I never have. I grew up with different couples around me in the early 60's (geezer alert!), so I just learned to accept everyone for the person they were. My mom had friends of all types and I just accepted them. I just don't have a "gay-dar". It took a guy I dated in college coming out of the closet for me to realize he was gay. You'd think I might have figured it out at American Gigolo at the drive-in fercrissake! See? Dense as a dark star. : - T


Pharmacy_Psycho, don't feel bad. The first time a guy asked me for a date, I didn't know what he was getting at! DUH

Hypothetical, I wasn't using the term "conservative" in the political sense so much as in the "old-fashioned" sense, referring back to the days when certain things just weren't talked about openly (not just being gay, but also race, religion, etc.) I live in an area that many people consider "conservative" but politically, has been under Democratic control for a long time. And we have a pretty gay-friendly town, in general (there are exceptions, unfortunately).

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