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Crazy Lady Encounter

Sickocustya1 Sea Slave here, just popping in with something that happened to make my day.

Now, normally, my customers are pretty nice people. Once during Friday lunch rush a customer started screaming at me and the lady behind her stood up for me and prevented me from just breaking down. Not only that, but the same lady has saved my ass countless times.

Sometimes it's something as simple as keeping customers in line to something as job saving as helping me with my math. ( I have a really hard time with it; it makes me feel so stupid! )

Every once in awhile, though, we get the weirdest people.

An older lady, around 65 or so, came in on thursday afternoon. I'm going to hand her food when she draws the attention of my boss and starts yelling...


In an Italian accent. o.O

She just kept shouting it as she took her food and started to eat, all the while standing at the counter. XD;

My boss starts yelling back and by then I was just no good. My cook and I had to hide in the back until she left - still screaming about England. We were laughing so hard! Which makes me wonder....

If you don't like the food, why buy from here?

-- Sea Slave

Walmart Crusty Douchebag Encounter

Godzillawalmarta Hey there RHU-ers!! Call me Mab. I used to work at Wal-Fart.

It wasn't such a bad job. The co-workers were pretty decent and the management was awesome. Our store was a new store. There were many people that were opposed to the company coming in, but after 6 months, most of them came around.

My story happened about a year after I started there. I knew what I was doing, I was good at my job, and I had never gotten any complaints.

A gentleman came through my line about an hour before I was done with my shift. He was buying things for a baseball team. As most people who work at Wal-Fart know, they issue tax exempt cards for a lot of people and organizations, like baseball teams, non-profits, etc.

He had a cartful of stuff for the baseball team and one item for himself. He got all the tax-exempt stuff. After he paid for that, he purchased ONE SMALL ITEM. I put it in a small bag, and put it on the counter by the credit card machine. He saw it there and I mentioned it twice before he went on his merry way.

I looked up from the next transaction to see it STILL SITTING THERE!!!!!!

At our store, there had been A LOT of left behinds, so they made a rule that you got 3 free a month and after that you got penalized. It was my first one that month. No big deal right?


I was doing a WIC transaction; they had started a new program where you could get X amount of dollars worth of fruits and veggies. It was my first time seeing one, so I was concentrating, as I didn't want to mess up.

He came back in and stood behind me tapping his foot; obviously he was in a hurry or something, cuz no one else's time mattered to him.

I looked at him, handed him the bag, apologized for him forgetting it (because that's MY fault), and he went on his merry way. I thought that was the end of it.

I was wrong.

He called the corporate number to complain about me; he said I was rude, never made eye contact, and I had been arrogant.

My manager called me into the office to talk to me about it. I explained the situation, and she was very understanding. But, since he had called the corporate hotline, I had to get written up.

What a selfish prick.

I hadn't seen him since that day, and thank God I didn't, as I would have been rude and arrogant to him.

Why are people so blind???

xoxo RHU-ers.



Pleased Retail Slave

Blogskull3 An update on the custy called Fat Grouch from a post sent by Michael:

A quick note to say that Fat Grouch was in again this evening, during my shift.  It was so awesome. 

When he entered the store, he asked the cashier for someone to help him, and SPECIFIED:

"Anybody but that guy with (description of my physical features)."

Oh, but that's not all. You see, I didn't hear that tidbit until AFTER I crossed paths with him, while his back was turned looking at some shelved items. 

Not recognizing him immediately due to there being lots of obese, short men that come into the store, I asked him if I could assist him in anything.

Recognizing my voice he grumbled, "Not from YOU."

I realized who it was, and started chuckling as I walked on to find somebody else to help.  I don't know how I managed it exactly, but I've trained a bad custy to not work with me!

Oh so pleased.



Tale of Three Piggy Families

Piggystorytime From Credit Slave:

What up slaves! I've been working at a popular department store that I'll call “Tears” for almost a half a year now.  For a retail job, it's ok.  I don't want to kill myself most nights.

One problem, though, is that I constantly get assigned to the Kids department, the place that every cashier here dreads. I spend my whole shift isolated there, surrounded by screaming children and their horrible excuses for parents.   

Here are three families that have stood out to me over my six months in hell:

Piggy Family 1:

A young couple came in with their two children. Their infant was in a stroller, while their other child, around two, sat in a cart and chewed on popcorn. The mom picked out a tandem stroller she liked and thought about buying it, but the dad told her not to. 



Are you kidding me?  You're willing to lug your child around in a cart like he was groceries, just because your lazy ass doesn't want to spend probably a half hour putting a stroller together? 

The couple leaves me to stare after them in disbelief and pick up the soggy popcorn their child dropped all over the floor. Gross.Piggie2

Piggy Family 2:

This actually happened to my awesome manager, but I have to share. In our store, floor models have special codes that ring up at $.01 so we know not to sell them and so they don't show up in the computer. A customer found out that a stroller was that price and demanded my manager to sell it to her.

Manager: I'm sorry ma'am, but this is the floor model, it's not for sale, we can get you one from the back in just a minute.

Custy: And I'll be getting it for 1 cent, right?

Manager: Uh, no.  That's just a code we put in so we don't sell this floor model.

Custy: Well why CAN'T I buy it?! It's marked a cent, you guys are lying to your customers!

Manager: Ma'am, there is no way we can give you a stroller for one cent.

Custy's daughter: I told you it was too good to be true...

Piggy Family 3:

I was folding clothes and could hear this mother and two daughters YELLING at each in the back other over which items on sale, stuff costing too much, etc. I kept thinking, why do they have to be so obnoxious? 

Then I saw.

The mom was riding a fucking rascal. This piggy custy, who couldn't have been anywhere near 250 pounds and didn't look like she had anything wrong with her, was sitting on her ass and having her poor kids do everything for her. 

I am totally understanding if a customer has something wrong with them, but if that lady actually needed the rascal, I'll eat it.

I bet you can imaging how hard it is to control your kids when you're too lazy to get up off your ass and do anything more then yell at them. The custy was constantly yelling at the youngest one for misbehaving (while her kid ignored her and kept being obnoxious), and complaining about how she couldn't maneuver her scooter through the aisles.Piggie8  

This family was living proof that pigs don't wander far from the trough, because the older daughter spotted a rack of leggings on sale and tried to convince her mom to buy them for her. 

Leggings intended for TODDLERS. Her argument? 

“I'm going to wear them with shorts anyway.” 

But the biggest fight was later that night over what size shorts her teenage daughter was buying.

Mom: I'm not buying you those, what size are they?

Kid: It's a size five, MOM!

Mom: Lift your shirt up.

(Kid lifts up shirt to reveal that she is BURSTING out of the shorts, with several inches of crack showing)

Kid: MOM, I'm going to lose weight!

Mom: You're not fat, you're growing! Try on the seven!

Kid: MOM, the seven is ugly on meeeeee!!!!

At least the pig had the sense to not give her daughter an eating disorder.  Thanks for listening. Any way you want it, just please God, sign the form.

--Credit Slut