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Freddy2 113 Hello, fellow retail survivors!

I have since moved on from retail work, but I do remember the suffering. This story is gross, but still funny. I worked in a bookstore, one of the big chains but without the well known fancy coffee. My co-workers were *fabulous,* and so was my manager, but we had some very strange customers. 

One day, I was re-shelving books in the science fiction section, helping customers in between, cracking jokes with the shift supervisor, Mike, doing my thing. I went to put a book back and discovered, much to my chagrin, a buffalo wing bone on top of the books. As in, the meat had been eaten, and the bone was just chilling on the books.

Shocked (this was my first and thankfully biggest gross out incident), I scrambled back to the information desk for tissues. I grabbed a handful, ran back to the shelf with the bone, and removed it and two of the books stained with sauce. The bone was cold, like it had either been sitting there for a while or someone had come in with half eaten food and just decided to dispose of it in the science fiction section.

On my way to the trash can, Mike stopped me and asked what was going on. I explained, and he made a face but then got called to the registers.

I took the box of tissues and patrolled the section. I found no less than FOUR chicken bones.

All cold.

Four of them.

In various places on the shelves.

I cleaned up, disposing of the bones, and went back to work. Mike and I ended up laughing about it, but seriously, who does that?

Ugh. Gross.

Stay strong, Retail Slaves!

-- The Bookseller




Who does that? You should try working in a grocery store. That's par for the course.


I'm one of those people that always felt a little guilty giving my kid water and cheerios at the B&N story time despite the fact they were allowed and other moms were feeding their kids far messier things and leaving their lattes sitting on the floor near the herd of small humans. I couldn't imagine the balls and/or idiocy level it takes to walk around a book store eating chicken wings.


And that's only slightly worse than having to pick up discarded coffee cups and if you were like my Borders, sample cups and crumbs of expiring food samples on the shelves.

On a completely different rant, I'm disappointed Borders ever bothered for a name. Starbucks always tastes burnt to me and I miss the soup we used to serve before becoming a Seattle's Best.


Anneliese, I thought it was just me! Starbucks and Hortons, too: burnt coffee. I like our local coffee places.

Timekeeper's Twit

I can relate. My store is surrounded by food places and I get old wrappers, and half full drinks, and ice cream spills, and frosting spills, and coffee spills....


Disgusting...I'm so sorry. :< Whenever I'm at our mall, where the new b&n opened, mind you, I make sure that if I get something to eat, I either finish it before I enter a store or just not go in. The small grocer's place I worked at was just as bad...we sampled out orange juice, salsa, and guacamole on a regular basis, and some Hell Spawn always managed to spill the juice. We found half eaten samples EVERYWHERE, even stuck to the produce. -shudder- I once caught some nasty bitch biting into her deli sandwich and then SPITTING the bite into our watermelon bin. Yes. Spitting. Food. Watermelon bin. Once she saw me watching, she high-tailed it. I felt so bad for our floor boys that night...


One day a few years ago (we still joke about it to this day thats how absurd it was) Matt was refolding the denimn section in our alt friendly mall store and guess what he found? A half eaten egg roll in the front pocket of the pants. Thats right someone tried on the pants must hav ethought 'o gee now what do I do with this egg roll? I know just put it in this pocket here' and took them off and threw them back ontop of the denimn rack.
oh discordia how I love thee.


If I had a nickel for every time I had to dig a half-eaten chicken wing/apple core/used kleenex out of the little cupholder in our carts, I'd never have to work at a supermarket again.


A few weeks ago my sister found a T-shirt that had had coffee spilled all over it in her store. It was dried up and all stiff, wadded up and stuffed underneath a bunch of other shirts on the shelf.


This is why most libraries don't allow food, especially in the children's section.

We finally got some nice brandy new carpet to replace our gross worn older than me carpet. We did not allow anything except maybe water, but of course some dolt and their spawn simply MUST have something to drink or they will DIE! So before we know it we have a nice big spill of frickin HAWAIIAN PUNCH all over our nice new beige carpet. wtf!!!! We repostitioned our furniture so the stain was under a table, but still, the carpet was a frickin month old and now it has a huge red stain on it. Should have made them pay for the cleaning or replacement. aaaargh!

Plus the week after the guys redoing our roof simply HAD to walk all over the library to have lunch, tracking TAR all over the same carpet. God forbid they ate in our lunchroom that had linoleum!

So much for new carpet.

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