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5 Ways To Be a Great Custy

CarolawesomeHey RHU-

I guess you can call me Gutsy Custy.

I don't work in retail, but I'm the go-to shopping helper for ALL of my friends and most of my family, so I interact with you guys a lot.

Basically, I've always tried to be the best custy I can be- not demanding, polite, everything you could hope for. It just makes everyone's day a little bit easier and better.

So, here's how you do it- feel free to share this list with everyone you know. It's simple and very effective.

1. GO TO CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you can't find an item, or need to know where a certain section is, it's usually ok to ask a salesperson, right? But if you need in-depth help, the customer service desk exists for a reason. Use it.

2. USE THE GARBAGE CAN: Seriously. Don't leave your crap around. It's disgusting, not only for the employees, but for the other shoppers. Bin it.

3. DON'T REFER TO EMPLOYEES WITH 'PET NAMES': This includes sweetie, babe, baby, honey, sugar, gorgeous, or anything else you would use with your girlfriend (or boyfriend). It's really rude, and nobody likes it. Also, you're seriously creepy, guys.

4. IF THE EMPLOYEE IS BUSY DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT DRAG THEM AWAY FROM ANOTHER CUSTY: This is one of the worst things you can do. Your problem is your problem, and other custys have problems too. Wait your turn bitch!

5. IF YOUR EXPERIENCE WAS GOOD, SAY SO: If you got really good help, or had a great experience at customer service, tell management! Name names. They'll get a commendation, you can share your great time, the manager looks good. Everybody wins! And if you're a regular, chances are that employee will be extra-nice next time. What goes around comes around!

So that's that. I'll be back with some of my horror stories (some people I shop with, honestly it's embarrassing) another day.

I wanna thank all of you, Retail Slaves, for putting up with us, the custys, day after day after mind-numbing day. Some of us really do appreciate you!

And please tell me- What other things do you want custys to do?

--Gutsy Custy




At my job, Customer Service has the least knowledge (except for cashiers) about where stuff is.


OK, as a cashier, I disagree. In our store, the cashiers have tattoos on their foreheads that say "ask me where it is" Ok, maybe not, but it sure seems that way. Its not that we do not know where things are, its that customers don't make it clear what they are looking for. For example, if I am ringing up a 2 cart order and the person is talking to me, do not walk up BEHIND me and say "phone", then become enraged when I don't respond within a half second. I have to wait until the first customer stops talking, turn and look at you ,(because hey..I just like to look at the person I am talking to). And then I have to figure out whether you want to BUY a phone, want to make a phone call, or just got paged to pick up a call. If you want to know where to buy one, I can point you to the department, but as a front end cashier, I cannot "go get it for you". Also, while I can call the department to check a price...I need to know exactly which phone you want. Do you want a home phone, or a cell phone? Even those are sold in different departments. If you need to know if we have "that one certain" phone in stock, You have to go to the department to look or to ask the person working there. I cannot help, because you cannot give me specifics. If you do not know what brand of phone you want, I sure don't!
If you ask me where something is, and I know, I will tell you, if I don't know I will find you someone who does, but please, wait your turn.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that most cashiers ARE knowledgeable about item locations, you just have to be specific as to what you want/ need.

Sorry for the mini-rant. I have a 9 hour day ahead of me, its a holiday weekend, and I'm already stressing...LOL

Timekeeper's Twit

Gutsy Custy: You are awesome ^.^


As a cashier, I want my customers to actually READ!! The dates on coupons, signs for merchandise, the directions on the pin pad that tell you to hit accept instead of clear or enter. Is is logical that enter doesn't work? No. Is it my fault? No.


RockerChic, I agree with you...people need to read...There'd be a LOT less problems in stores if people would just read the sign/coupon/sale-ad.
I would also suggest to custys that they one, not workers or other custys, want to inhale week old body funk.
And I also-also suggest custys be's been proven in examples on previous posts here that one is far more likely to get special service or extra stuff if you're nice and paitent about it as opposed to turning into a raging beheamouth in zero to sixty.


Amen, Gutsy Custy! If I take nothing else away from my time in the hell that is retail, I hope it will be the knowledge of how to be a good customer. A few other things I adore in customers:

1. Any attempt at decent manners will result in what can only be described as royal treatment. Some days I think I'd give my left tit to hear the word "please." I get that lots of cashiers don't give a crap about customers under any circumstances (let's recall that, on my days off, I shop just like everyone else), but there are many of us who do actually try. Being rude or treating me as if I'm incompetent are massive disincentives to continue being nice to you.

2. For the love of all that is holy, finish your cell phone conversation before you get in line! There are several points in every transaction at which I *must* ask you questions, and being forced to interrupt you makes me feel pushy, which I am not.

3. This might be a bit store-specific, but I think the sentiment carries over to most of the circles of retail hell. The lack of conveyor belts at the registers is *not* an invitation to pull your cart up and stand there expectantly, waiting for the cashier to unload your canned goods-and-beer-laden cart of doom. I don't mind getting the process started *at all* (hell, if you ask nicely, I'll do the whole thing and throw in a cartwheel at the end), but anybody who doesn't feel the compulsion to jump in and help suffers from a terminal case of ass hole.

*phew* Thanks for the opportunity to unload!


I am always patient and polite with cashiers, even if they screw up. I've been on the other side of the counter myself and know that anyone can screw up. I was in an asian bookstore and there was some problem with how they rang me out, some confusion since I had also sold books there, something with the tax. Tho I didn't understand half of what they were saying (my Japanese is kind of non-existent) I knew they were trying to fix it. True, I had to pay a bit more, they forgot the tax, but no biggie, not worth screaming about. I was patient and quiet, and I think they were in shock that I didn't start flailing and foaming at them like many other NYers. But I was too happy to have found some cool manga to yell.

Kindness rules.


I can't tell you how many times the baggers or cashiers will help me unload the basket on the mobility cart even though I have done most of the work myself at the grocery store. I think its because I'm always very polite, cheerful, and attempt to do most of it myself. I swear, sometimes the secretly fight over helping me so they can see the dog!

When I had shoulder surgery last year and couldn't use my right arm at all for 6 weeks, then couldn't lift over 5lbs for another 6 during PT, the store personnel were so kind and helpful, I was sure to thank every one of them for their help.

And yes, a #1 pet peeve is the single word introduction that's nothing but a noun.


Does that mean you are looking for that department, you aren't sure if you stepped into one, or do we have one? Full sentences are greatly appreciated!

Arcade Slave

I want my customers to learn

1) to say "Excuse me miss"

2) That they do not have compulsive button pressing disorder.


I think I want my custys to remember that we are trying our best to help them. I understand that you have been here waiting for a while (sometimes there is a wait because many of our products have to be explained, so a sale can take up to and sometimes longer than a half an hour). If you don't want to or can't wait, come back later!

I know I have a larger than average chest. That does not mean you have permission to stare at them! I understand, sometimes it's difficult not to glance at them, but it doesn't mean you can stand there for the entire time I working with you staring.

If you give me attitude, I will rush you out of there faster than a cat on a hot tin roof. I am not going to stand there when my feet hurt, and I am tired, and I have dealt with ten people like you already. I will get you in, and out, and move on.


I used to have a regular customer who would call me 'kiddo' all the time. Drove me totally nuts. Call me crazy, but if someone is old enough to actually have a kiddo then maybe they're too old to be called kiddo by anyone but their grandparents.

Rollercoaster Slave

1) not blame me for the weather
2) when I'm ringing up a sale, please do not come up and order. wait 5 seconds
3) don't get angry if you have a massive order with over 9000 items, and I can't remember every little thing you wanted.

Self Scan Queen

When you come in half an hour till closing, do not get all pissy when I tell you that there are none of our huge sale items right now. Case in point:

Custy: Why aren't there any of the buy one get one on the shelf.
Me: Because it's been a very busy day and people bought them. You can -
Custy: (cuts me off) That's unacceptable. There should be some out.
Me: There are none in the store. As I was-
Custy: Completely unacceptable.
Me: There will be another shipment in tomorrow morning. You can get rainchecks at the customer service desk.
Custy: There should be some.
Me: We close in twenty-five minutes. There are none in the store.
Custy: So?
Me: *facepalm*

And I agree with the reading part. Literally 95% of problems would vanish if people actually read stuff.

Postal Slave

"Completely unacceptable"

Fuck I hate that phrase. I'd kill to hear someone actually say "That is completely acceptable."

Halfhearted Sales Ninja

I would be happy if customers would realize that retail slaves (for the most part) do not set the prices and usually have no power to change them.

Drawing a comic of this now

Rollercoaster Slave

I wish custys would realize that we slaves have basic human needs.
eg. don't complain to our managers about us if you see us drinking water. We need it to survive helping people like you.

Joe the Cigar Guy

I'd love it if custys would stop bringing clothing without a price tag on it up to my register and saying, "I don't think there's a tag on this, so it's FREE, right?"
If they're joking, I've heard it a million times already.
If they're serious, I just want to say, "No, but a world-class ass whupping IS free, ya' IGNORAMUS!" **wa-BAM**


Remember my #1 pet peeve? The single noun?

I'm standing on our little step stool fronting a top shelf (sucks being short). A customer walks past the end of the aisle, sees me and says, "Transmission fluid?" :-| *sigh*


Re No. 5: Today at my favourite cafe, I was standing near the barista (I was getting water) and a custy came up to her and said "that was the best coffee I've had for YEARS" and then walked away. Beaming Barista was SO pleased - she said "oh, that just made my day". I said "tell Ben!" (the co-owner) and she said "oh, do you think I should?" - I said "hell yeah, if you dont I will!!"

Management Bitch Slave

Ohhh I love this topic!

1) Do not snap, whistle, or beckon me like a dog when you need my attention. I don't respond to ANYONE'S finger (pun intended, LOL!)

2)For God's sake, put your friends, sugar daddy, or drug dealer on hold. Your phone call or text is of no concern to me. Whether you think so or not, you're holding up the custys behind you.

3)NO, I DON'T have an extra coupon for you. You should have been in here for the three weeks we handed them out. If I don't have the proper number of coupons vs. the amount I rung in, I'M in trouble.

4) Just because you chat me up over my John Lennon tattoo, or my Women's Champion t-shirt (yes, I kick ass in the rasslin ring) and think we bonded over a pro wrestling chat, doesn't mean I'll hook you up with a discount. Don't even try it.

5)The return policy is the return policy. Just because I am the manager doesn't mean I'll break the rules for you, ESPECIALLY if you're coppin' a `tude at me.

6)Just because it's on our website doesn't mean it's in our particular location. I don't mind calling and asking other stores if they have it, but don't freak out on me when I say we don't carry it.

7)If you bring in a boatload full of children, it's YOUR responsibility to watch them, NOT mine. If they knock over a mannequin, or spill their cheerios, or GOD forbid soil themselves in my store, YOU clean it up!

That's all I can think of, but I'm sure there's more!


I agree with NC Tony, the small things matter. You can ruin a cashier's day just by being rude and vice versa. And yes, it's true you get much better service if you're polite.
My pet peeve: When you pay me with coins, please do NOT put it in the slide for the groceries. My fingernails are short and it takes a while to pick up. Also, if you pay with small coins, don't get impatient. It takes time to count it.
Oh and the slide thing – also don't throw your card there. I swear, one day I will throw it back at you.
My old store was big and when I was a cashier I saw little of the departments. I might have known popular products but that was it. When I worked in a department I knew everything about them. So if you want help finding stuff in big stores or detailed info about a product, don't bug the cashiers.
One more thing – if there is a long line I don't mind, but I work in a small store now where I am alone most of the time and maybe 1-3 customers. So it gets a bit personal (plus a lot of great regulars). So please, look at me when I talk to you! Also, answer me above whisper! The coolers are noisy and my hearing isn't as good as it could be so please, don't make me read your lips.
Just got home from work so am a bit annoyed..
I wish all my custies were like you!

Michael Chandra

Unfortunately I tend to be rather silent, to the point where when I meet someone I know I tend to just give 'em a friendly nod, so I often don't say "hi" or "good day". I do always finish with "thank you" and "have a nice day".


As a cashier, i agree with most your tips! Great customers really do make my day.
1) Agreed with the cell phone. I will just ask my questions to you anyways.
2) Don't treat me like I'm am idiot. I have just finished my master's degree. I have been working here PT to go through school. The job market is crappy right now.
3) I don't set the prices. If the signage is different that what the item rings up, I HAVE TO HAVE SOMEONE CHECK IT. This doesn't mean I'm calling you a liar. I can't just override a price because you saw a sign.
4) I don't make the return policies. Call corporate.
5) I HAVE to ask you to apply for the company credit card. Please don't laugh in my face when I offer it. A simply "no, thank you," is great.
6) Seriously? You are getting pissed about the price of our cheap merchandise??? I work discount need to reevaluate your life if you are mad that we ran out of the item that is special today for $1 that used to be $3.50.
7) I am good at my job. If you come in a lot, I will remember you. If you treat me nice, I will be nice to you. If you are rude, I will remember that, too, still be nice to you, but I will still remember that you had been rude to me.
8) Don't complain to me about things you don't like about the store/company. Use the internet/toll-free numbers provided to contact customer service! I will not stand there and bad-mouth my company with you--they treat me well.
9) Just because it's online, doesn't mean we have the style in stores or the sizes. Please read!
10)Yes, I know it's annoying, but you NEED YOUR RECEIPT to do ANYTHING, even an even-exchange. Also, 92 days is still over the 90 day return policy. Not my fault you missed it. I can't take it back.

Whew! Thanks for letting me vent. Customers can make for an awesome day at the register or make me cry when I get home at the end of my shift. Spread the kindness!

Grocery Slave

For some odd and bizarre reason people ask me where things are ALL the time... I'm a cashier. I can't just rattle off isle numbers off the top of my head unless you're asking for things that people ask for often. (Condoms: 4A on the left side next to the douches, tampons and pregnancy tests; Kosher: isle 20A on the right side closest to the frozen section. Bags of ice: frozen section. Bread: go towards the produce section, then turn right when you hit the wall with salad at it. It'll be right next to the World Cheese Department... same for Tasty Cakes. For hamburger and hot dog rolls... right across from deli on the other side of that wall.)

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