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RHUPDbc You know I often get the response almost daily from people saying "I don't know how you're able to be a cop, I could never do it".

But after seeing the way retail slaves are treated I know you guys get it so much harsher than we do, because at least we are able to act upon the way were are treated, while your company requires you to "grin and bear it."

I was recently stopping by a convenience store during a long drive. After I get what I want I head up to the counter to pay. Now this is one of those types of counters that is completely surrounded by bullet proof glass so there is only that one slot to where you can get to to make your purchase.

Of course, it's blocked by a guy leaning down into the slot throwing his game at the rather cute girl working the register.

Now, its late. It was around 10 or 11 at night so it was just her. No manager, no stock boy, just her. I give her points just for being able to do that. I'd be ringing people up with a meat cleaver in one hand and a cheese grater in the other....oh yes think of the possibilities.

No-Game Guy: Come on baby you know you want to give me your number. You're all bored and shit up in here, I can call you and keep you company.

I'm thinking he's been at this awhile since he's asking for her number but after reading the posts here this might be an opening line.

Cute Clerk: Sir, may I help you?

She's directing her eyes at me, obviously trying to get sir pimp douche to move.

Guy: Na baby he's fine, talk to me.

....still not moving. The poor girl has the look of pure frustration on her face as she is telling him to move so she can ring me up. This, of course, is only making him throw more of his "game" at her.

Well, I'm thirsty. This coke in my hand is getting warm and I still have 5 hours of drive time ahead of me. I step up beside the guy and nudge my way in front of him.

The dude jumps back in front of me. WTF?!?! I didn't come to the convenience store to play leap frog. Don't leap frog me.  Warholstyle

Me: Oh man you got a nice ass on you dude.

Meh, can't beat em' join em'.

Sir douche stops in mid pick-up line and turns toward me.

Him: What the fuck did you just say f****t?

Now I am a straight male, but that word pisses me off more than anything. I figured its time I give him the same treatment he's giving the poor store clerk.

Me: Man I was commenting your ass but now that you've turned around your package looks even better.

He's ready to kick my ass. See it coming.

Me: Doesn't feel good to be harassed does it? Now move so I can pay for my stuff and leave this woman alone

I leap frog back.

Then it happened. He grabbed me. As he grabs my arm he mentions something about he wasn't done talking to her, but all I hear is "hey sir can you please break my face?"

...but I didn't.

His face did meet the bullet proof glass as I twist that arm up behind him. Cute Clerk calls up the cops and they arrive and make the dude leave. I was three states away from my home state so when they asked if I wanted to press charges of course I'm saying no. No way am I coming back here for a possible court trial just so he can get a slap on the wrist. I know how the courts work.

Turns out he was from another state too which put my mind at ease because I was worried about him coming back when everyone was gone.

So basically I typed out all of that just to tell you guys my coke was flat. Found this out about 10 miles down the road, 30 minutes after I first arrived there after the whole talking to the cops.

Stopped at another store, got a water.

---Badge #666





'Then it happened. He grabbed me. As he grabs my arm he mentions something about he wasn't done talking to her, but all I hear is "hey sir can you please break my face?" '
That's the part that had me laughing my ass off. It's amazing what we hear the douche bags saying.

I love your posts!


You, sir, are awesome, both for helping that woman out, and for not being a homophobe.

Too bad about the coke :\ At least water is better for you?


Sir, I would just like to say that if my faith in law enforcement ever wavers, I will think of this story and it is sure to be restored. It's easy as a civilian to write off cops when you hear stories cops abusing their power or breaking heads just to break heads, but the knowledge that there are people like you wearing the uniform makes it a little easier to remember that the good ones vastly outnumber the bad. Kudos for handling the situation with humor and aplomb, and sharing the hilarity with us.


I was taught that policemen were your friend. I can't say I have ever been wrong when they have helped me. Your stories keep reminding me that, after watching COPS and listening to the bad guys say, "I ran because the police always hassle me", that's there's probably a reason for it. Keep fighting the good fight and we will keep being entertained :-)

Burger Bitch

Just like Pharmacy_psycho, I was taught that cops were awesome, which they hella are not around my town.
But that's for another time.

I'm glad you're an awesome one xD
I hope that creeper got hit by a car or died in a fire somewhere.


My neighbor is a cop and, since I work for the city, I know all the cops here in my small town. You guys are NEVER paid enough, but I am thrilled when I see a post like this. Thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty. You are AWESOME.


From the perspective of the female clerk that deals with asshats like this, I applaud the way you dealt with the creeper, I only wish there were more people like you that stood up to them instead of walking away saying "not my problem."


Nice! Love the fact that you gave that guy a piece of his own medicine :)



Grocery Slave

*HUGS* Thank you for not being a homophobe and helping out that woman! God, but being 4 ft 8 I'd probably freak out a little bit if that happened in front of me or at least jump. Though, if I was tired enough I'd just tell the guy to fuck off or that's what he gets for being a prick. Then again... I'm also a lesbian and so it's just awkward enough having guys flirt with me... it's completely unwanted.

Retired MegaTech

I also agree with the others . . . you're definitely one of the Good Ones. If only all police were like you! Sadly we only tend to remember the assholes . . . but I'll remember this story for years! Thanks!

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