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The Tale of Bitchella, Coworker From Hell

Storytime1 Hey RHU! I'm yet another long-time reader, first-time poster. Call me High Flyer- I work as a clerk in an airport, been doing it for 8 years. Not exactly retail, but sooo many nasty-ass custys! I totally sympathize :(

I just wanted to tell you about this former co-worker of mine, let's just call her Bitchella.

Bitchella was AWFUL. Never on time, took breaks whenever the going got tough, and had ZERO people skills. (We all know one, right?) That's what finally got her fired! Lemme tell you a story.

Once, last summer, I was working the red-eye shift with Bitchella. A flight to Philly got canceled, so all the commuters and tourists were waiting in line to get help about what to do.

There's a girl, maybe 15, and her mom, waiting patiently in line. They are perfect- mom's reading, daughter's listening to music and chatting with the other travelers.

The going was SLOW (my company's cheap-ass computers have ancient software and NO memory), so I was happy at how well everyone was waiting.

Then Bitchella decides to go on break- with maybe 10 people, including families with small children, in line (I'm talking 5 in the morning! It was early!!).

So as she's walking away, the nice mom with the book snags her and asks what she should do, because her daughter's flight leaves in an hour and she's an unaccompanied minor. Carolanne 029

Bitchella tells her to, quote, "Get back in line and wait your turn! I'm on my break!" and storms off to the bathroom. (I got this from the mom later.)

Half an hour later, she returns, and the woman and her daughter go right up to her and tell her the deal. Unaccompanied minor, like I said, and those take time, let me tell you. And now the flight leaves in half an hour.

Bitchella tells them it can't be done and why didn't you put yourself forward sooner, these people trying to get to Philly can wait while you get sorted out!

The mom reiterates what Bitchella told her, and asks if anything can possibly be done, her daughter needs to get to wherever she was going.

Bitchella, instead of being polite and trying to actually HELP this poor woman, starts telling her off for not having the common sense to ask for help.

The mom repeats that Bitchella told her to wait her turn, Bitchella claims she never said that (I heard her say it, folks, and I'm the immediate superior. Dumb as a doorknob, this one).

At this point the girl is in tears, the mom and Bitchella are arguing, and everyone's having a bad day. Jason 008

I intervene, help the mom as best I can (putting her on the next available flight+upgrading her seat free, as per regulations), and send them on their way, daughter still sniffling.

At this point, you'd think Bitchella, having failed to apologize to either mother or daughter, would apologize to me, right?

Nope. True to form she starts with the next customer, bitching under her breath about 'pushy moms and princess daughters' and the like.

Not 3 minutes later, the mom comes back in, and marches up to my desk as I finish with another family. She asks for Bitchella's name, which I give her, and when I ask why she tells me, "So I can put it in my letter of complaint!"

Good for you, lady. You were the last straw that got Bitchella fired. You have my thanks.

So, story time is over. What did you think? Tell me about your Bitchella coworkers!

--High Flyer


Absurd Scheduling Hell

Carolanne2 088b From Chris:

We all have Helltastic days, and I'm in for a whole bunch of them. I have a story that just boggles my mind, as well as news that makes me want to cry. Let's start with the awful, awful news, get it out of the way.

My store has no Air Conditioning.

That's right, so when it's 95 degrees outside, it's 95 degrees INSIDE.

I nearly fainted on Tuesday! The worse news is that everyone in the store is Egyptian. Why would that make a difference?

They're -used to- the heat.

On Tuesday when I was nearly freaking dying, half the Egyptian retail slaves I work with were WEARING SWEATERS and complaining that it was COLD.


I'm going to die! I'm German, land of cold weather, my body can't handle that sort of heat! D; < / bitch whine rant bitch cry > And since they are all used to it, I'm the only one complaining.

Also, I'm pretty sure this is illegal, and I'd like to find out. My schedule, (and everyone else's on my shift), says Saturday is a 4pm to 9pm shift. So why is everyone staying til 9.30? I had five different people trying to tell me that they stay anyway, here's how the convo went:
Them: It's not 9.30 yet, you can't go.

Me: My schedule says 9.

Them: But it's Saturday, you stay until 9.30.

Me: But my SCHEDULE says NINE.

Them: So does X, Y, and Z's schedule. But we all stay til 9.30.

Me: I don't care, I'm tired. My schedule says 9.

Them: But it's Saturday.

Me: BUT. My SCHEDULE. Says NINE. NOT NINE THIRTY. So I'm going home now.

Them: You're going to get in trouble! Carolanne2 089a

(This is where I lost my head)

Me: No! It is illegal to keep an employee in the store after their scheduled hours without prior notice and agreement from both parties!

I am not a SLAVE, I work the hours on my schedule! If you want me to work until 9.30 on Saturdays, put it on my schedule. Right now, my schedule says 9 pm, which means I will CLOCK OUT AND LEAVE at 9pm, not 9.30.

Them: It's only half an hour!

Me: IT'S MY HALF AN HOUR! AND I WANT IT! Put it on the schedule, or expect me to leave at 9.00 on Saturdays.

I had to immediately repeat this entire conversation two minutes later as I actually tried to leave.

Let's just say I was NOT in a good mood.

--Love from Chris; (comments= Sub Shop Slut)


RHU Discussion: Funny Brand Names

Blogskull15 From Triple Crown Slave

Ok, so right now everything is awesome. At the grocery store I work at I moved to night crew from gm, meaning more pay and better hours. Anyways, been there almost 2 weeks and it's been brilliant!

I just found this so freakin funny:

There is an organic babyfood brand (no, that's not the funny part! trust me) called TASTY BABY.

Am I the only one who finds this utterly hilarious and (un?)intentionally supportive of Swift's satirical masterpiece, A Modest Proposal.

Any other RHU-ers come across any hilarious name brands in their various levels of Hell?

On another note: Live racing starts this weekend! Should give me plenty more tales! But for now, this is all I have.

Next time, Gadget. Next time!

--Triple Crown Slave